Tuesday, February 3, 2009


First post......welcome to my blog.

Motiv-8 (motivate)

What a strong, multidimensional word. What motivates you? Who motivates you? Are you a motivator? Where does motivation come from? Does it leave? Is it self motivation? Do things motivate you or do feelings?

You could ponder that one word for days on end. I like to think of myself as a motivated motivator! But the answers to the deeper questions are much too complex. I'm sure over time they'll come through though.

Some of the simple ones.....
Who motivates me?
My wife, my children, my Lord, my family, my friends
What motivates me?
Bringing joy to others, helping others, a smile on my wife's face, a smile on one of my children's face, a beautiful sunrise, a warm summer day, a cool summer breeze, my goals, my fitness, my curiosity, my health
The Lord has put so many blessings in my life, moreso than the grains of sand on a beach. I don't deserve it, that's for sure, but I do hope that everyone would be so lucky.
For those of you that know me, you know that I have a hard time saying no to ANYTHING. I'll give just about anything a try, and the motives are never the same. It may be helping the neighbor move a piece of furniture, it may be entering a half ironman, I'll do it. One thing I don't get to do much of is sit down! I hope this blog can motivate you to be the best you can be......that's all you can ask......and they key is to be satisfied that your best is enough, because it really is. Imagine this world if everyone gave there best, not just enough to get by, but their best. Would you be calling customer service about the repair man? I also hope this blog can motivate me, motivate me on those cold winter mornings when I head out the door in the dark at 5:30am while everyone is sleeping, motivate me to sit down and play a game with the kids or motivate me to find a babysitter and go on a date with my wife.

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