Monday, April 27, 2009

Stopped in my tracks..........

Here's the race report from the much anticipated Du Nationals......

Sunday was the short course duathlon national championships in Richmond , 10k run, 38k bike and 5k run. There were about 80 people registered in my age group, the male 30-34. We started at 10:50 am at which time it was starting to get toasty. A top 12 spot gets you a ticket to the short course duathlon world championships in Charlotte , NC this fall.The first 2 miles of the run were going well, I had worked my way into a comfortable 3rd in my AG. That's when the day turned bad. As we turned a corner I saw a LONG train going VERY SLOWLY across the course. We were all forced to stop out in the baking son and wait for this train. The women (who started 5 min behind us) caught us as well, so now we have 150 people waiting for the train and an official with us that won't make a call. The train stops and chaos ensues, people climbing under the train, through the train, etc. I started to follow the crowd and crawled through two cars and got myself nice and greasy. At this point, I was pretty happy! Next thing you know an official drives up on the other side of the train and says "GO GO GO", more chaos ensues as half of the people hadn't made it through the train yet. Needless to say, that ruined my day more mentally than anything else. I finished the run and was going to just quit, but I decided to go out on the bike and just try to finish the race, which would be an accomplishment in the 90+ degree mid day conditions. By the end of lap 2 of 3 on the bike, I was out of water and really starting to bonk. Came into transition and had a seat, drank a water bottle that I had there and walked my way onto the run course. First aid station, I took three gatorades and a water. My HR was through the roof and I couldn't keep it down so I just walked in the shade and ran in the sun. Final "results" have me 21 in my AG. Who knows where that really stands because of the people that took off well ahead of me during the train incident. So much for a national event. You would think someone would have thought to check the train schedule. Should have been on the bus to Boston last week. Some days just aren't your day.


  1. I'm still in shock about this Chris. I hope that they refunded your money like you suggested! Nothing like a season killer. What do you have planned now? Any interest in coming to IMFL again? :)

  2. Ummm, honey, I had no idea you had a blog. I found out when Colleen emailed that she checked it out. I like the last sentence in your first post - let's see if you're up for the challenge. Love you!