Thursday, May 7, 2009


First of all, I would like to post this update in memory of my grandather "Grandpop" who went to be with the Lord yesterday morning. I thank God for the opportunity he gave us to visit him as a family on Tuesday. It gives me such peace to have my last memory of him playing with Joshua's tractor and giving Joshua a kiss. Autumn will always remember the surprised look on his face as we entered his room in the hospital. He never lived real close to us, but I have fond memories of visiting him at Eagles Mere and doing nothing but fishing or watching the birds at the feeders. He had a great heart and he's singing Heaven's praises as he watches over us with no pain or suffering. I will have to celebrate our shared birthday alone next year, but it will be a great way to remember him each year. We love you Grandpop and we always will.

After 9 straight days of rain, we're ready for some sun.

This week has been hectic to say the least. Last weekend was more of the same as Lauren and I raced a 5k on Sat AM while Carolyn watched the kids. The race went well, Lauren coming in as the first female and me as the second male. We then picked them up, headed home and got ready to go to the expo for the Lehigh Valley Half Marathon which we were giving a seminar and participating the next day as pace group leaders. My mom watched the kids overnight and we headed out to assemble our groups early Sunday AM. As mentioned above, rain was in the forecast and luckily in only drizzled, opening the clouds up just after we finished. We had a great time. It's amazing how rewarding it is. You go to a race to run for other people, not yourself. They're all counting on you. I got came in within 1 second of my goal at 1:29:59 and had several group members speed off in front of me during the last couple of miles. Lauren was a little bummed that she was slightly off, but had a great group and a great time regardless. We'll be back next year, thanks!!


  1. Chris, you motivate me! Every morning when I get up at 5:30 I think, "I wonder if Chris is up too"! But it is more than that. You live your life in a gentle, unassuming, quiet way and with much grace and a lot of class. I never hear you brag, yet you have a lot to be proud about. I never hear you complain, yet surely you have bad days. You just take good care of yourself and those around you...and in doing so inspire others to be better. Thanks for such a neat blog. You make us all so proud. I'm sure your Grandpop felt the same. Blessings and hugs.

  2. Thank you for the thoughtful post. Now I wonder the same thing at 0530 when I get up. Well, except for now, I know what you're doing which is far more than I could ever say. I don't think many people could ever match up to not only what your doing now, but all of the things you do on a daily basis. We are lucky to have such a great family, and even more lucky that we can all feed off of each others strengths and cast away their weakness's.

  3. Chris - I couldn't agree more with Carolyn's comments. What you do athletically is amazing but only equal to every other aspect of your life.
    I am really sorry to hear about your grandfather. It sounds like you had a great relationship with him and I can assure you, you always will have that.
    Let us know what you come up with in regards to your race season.
    Tom Kingery

  4. Chris- thanks for pacing the 1:30 group - I was the runner that you caught at Mile 10 and brought in for a 1:29:37. Excellent job!

    I have a question regarding the LVRR Grand Prix. I can't find any information about it on the LVRR website. Could you summarize what it is about? Or point me to where I could get the info?


  5. Jim:

    Thanks. We in the pacing world call that "sweeping", usually about mile 9 or 10 of a half we start to grab runners like you and hopefully see them do exactly what you did! Nice race, was that a PR?

    Send me an email at and I'll send you the info.

    Take Care,

  6. Missed a PR by 1 second, actually. The year before I had a perfect race on a perfect weather day, this year I'm fitter, but had a less perfect race on a less perfect weather day.