Friday, May 29, 2009

Holiday fun and excitement

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. Aunt Barb, Anna, Uncle Rob and Beth came in to visit. It was nice to catch up with everyone!

Monday was a beautiful day so I decided to give Lauren's car a bath. I got some much needed help from Autumn & Joshua....

We go some pretty heavy rains on Saturday and Sunday nights. So heavy that the rain water made some soupy mud in our unfinished flower beds. Joshua decided to see just how muddy they were....

Oh, and the other big news in the house that we have a big boy in potty training!! He's doing pretty well and we're proud of him. I need to get some Bicycling magazines for him to read while he's "working".

Time is flying....June 1 on Monday! Only about a month until we leave for our vacation to Vermont. Autumn is so excited to go. Should be fun, the whole family (Dad, Carolyn, Lauren and I) i s going to do the annual Langhan's Run 7.2 miler. Starts at the covered bridge in Woodstock goes up and over the mountain and finishes at the covered bridge. Should be fun.
As for my training / racing, got my first swim in last week, hope to get on a regular schedule starting next week. Hoping to get some Du's in in June.


  1. Love the muddy shoes! He must have enjoyed that. (I would!) Did I say I was running that race? **Gulp** Guess I better start lacing the shoes!

  2. A couple of things... first, I love that Joshua wore his helmet to wash the car! :) Second, I love that he found the mud... sucha boy! And yay for the potty training. Too funny that he reads when on the potty!

    You guys will have a great time in Vermont, and have a great time with the Langhan's Race!