Friday, June 12, 2009

The next chapter

We had a great weekend last weekend. Lauren took the kids to the Lehigh Valley Zoo with some friends on Saturday. Not a large zoo by any means, but they had a blast. The most fun part was, of course, the playground in the middle of the zoo! Personally, I liked the pictures of the new penguin exhibit!

On Sunday we headed up to Benton, PA just north of Bloomsburg. This was the first date that worked to get the family together for Grandpop's burial. It was just a tremendous day in a beautiful setting. Eleanore's family did such a great job putting things together and honoring him. We had a nice lunch afterwards. It was a great way to close this chapter of his life, he would have been very happy with the service and very touched by all of the wonderful thoughts, prayers and memories. I left there missing him more than I thought possible, he was a very gracious man that touched many people and gave his service in WW2. I can't wait to see him at the Pearly Gates. The kids had a great time too, picking flowers for the tombstone and looking at old tombstones.

Hard to believe we're only a couple weeks away from our vacation! Vermont here we come. Lauren's family will be there and we're going to have an anniversary celebration for Camp on the 4th. I'm going to give the first annual Killington Triathlon a shot, bring on the cold water and the hills! No word on renting our house out for the Women's Open while we're gone, but we're moving forward with some landscaping to finally "finish" some of the outside.
Training has been going well, logging a lot of bike miles which has been keeping my running legs fresh and injury free. Also getting some weekly swims in which is a boost of confidence. Not necessarily fast swims, but I'll take it. Haven't raced in a while, so I'm excited for tomorrow's duathlon, hopefully I can see some big improvements in the bike split. Speaking of biking, Lauren's cousin's husband (Tom) is soon to be starting the Race Across American. Can't wait to hear some updates and see how the team does.

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