Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vacation in VT - Part 1 - Tri Newbie!

Our to Vermont was so good I need at least two posts! We arrived safely at about 3am on 7/3/09 after traveling through some rain. The kids did well and we managed to get some sleep that morning. The next day was the Killington Triathlon (and the 75th anniversary celebration of Camp), oh and the 4th of July. I brought my road bike and minimal tri goodies to save room in the already crowded car (two you kids and a dog.....and 10 days worth of food and clothing). Woke up to some rain and an INCREDIBLE rainbow. The rest of the family was gracious enough to watch the kids so Lauren and I got a date! I was less than inspired as we pulled up to the parking lot in a down pour and 62 degrees. Decided to give it a go anyway and I had sandbagged enought that I was now rushing to get started. The race was held at the base of Ramshead Mtn, I did the Sprint which consisted of a 0.35 mile swim, 15 mile out and back (and HILLY) bike and a 4 mile HILLY run. Well as they're calling us into the water w/ 2 minutes to go, I finally get my wetsuit on, this was my first wetsuit legal tri. I suddenly realized that IT WAS ON BACKWARDS (total tri newbie mistake!) Lauren was laughing at me as the director held up the start (only 30 people) for stupid me. Get in the water, gun goes off and I realize I still have my wedding band on (I usually take it off so it doesn't get lost in the water). As the field swims away, I get out of the water and hand my ring to Lauren, hurry back in and take off. First open water swim of the year and hey, I'm actually passing people! To my (and Lauren's surprise) I come out of the water in 11th!

Got on the bike and got to work. The majority of the first half was down hill...kind of scary at 40+ mph on wet roads. Got to the turn around and counted that I was in 8th and knew I would gain some time going back uphill. Lauren was at a coffee shop on the way up hill cheering me on (thank you!) and told me I was up to 3rd. Last hill I could see the two leaders about 1 min ahead. Finally occured to me that I could win this thing! Ended up w/ fastest bike split....on a road bike w/ no aero helmet or anything!

Off on the run. First mile was all down hill, so I knew this is where I should try to gain some time...I knew downhill meant more uphill, but didn't realize just how much uphill! By the end of mile 1 I was in the lead and hoping to hold on. As we climbed I could see the gap getting bigger! It was an awesome event and great to have Lauren there cheering me on!

Next race is this weekend, a sprint duathlon. My brother will be competing in his first duathlon, so it should be a blast. Next post will have all of the vacation details.......


  1. I love that our superman is also a Clark Kent in forgetting the wedding ring and wearing a backwards wetsuit. You can see in the pictures a little of the terrain. It isn't a ski capitol for nothing! Great work, Chris!

  2. Unbelievable - truly amazing - you even gave them a head start! Imagine what will happen when you put it all together - no wetsuit issues, no ring issues (I have the same problem, I put in through my watch band) and no train issues! Awesome job my man!

  3. Sounds like quite a race! Congrats on such a great first race!!!! xoxoxo

  4. You are amazing! Great job on the tri - wetsuit and ring problems just make you stronger! :)

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