Friday, August 28, 2009

Autumn's first soccer practice!

Wednesday night was Autumn's first soccer practice. We signed her up for a U-6 girls soccer club. Practice was at Hopewell, her elementary school (which she'll be starting on Sept 8!!). There were 9 girls that showed up and the coach got right to business. For as timid and shy as she can be, she did really well.....until she scored on her own goal. To her defense, there was only one actual goal out there, the other one was between two cones. She's got a pretty good kick and goes pretty fast. We're glad she liked it so much. First game is Sept 13! Here are some shots.

We also did some white water rafting last weekend with Dad (Landis), Rob, Mike and Carolyn. It was a Christmas gift from Lauren to the family. As usual for my "events" this year, it was fact it was a 90% chance of rain! Luckily we got one big shower before we started and stayed relatively dry. The water was high and moving quickly and we kicked butt getting through the rapids! It was a blast, thank you hun! Sorry no digital pictures, we didn't have enough confidence in ourselves to bring phones / cameras!

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  1. This is so exciting! I love the one with her running. She's quick! I hope it is tons of fun for her. :)