Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Must be fall....Community Day, Soccer and CYCLOCROSS!

Brooke spent the night with us on Friday and Saturday was just a beautiful day, so we herded up the kiddos and headed to Coopersburg Community Day. A really nice event every year and lots to do and see for the kids. Autumn and Joshua climbed a bouncy slide and loved it...

They also had a blast getting their faces painted...

Sunday was Autumn's second soccer game....and she scored two goals! They also had team pictures....

Last weekend was also my first cyclocross of the year. It was a huge event, first race of the MAC (Mid Atlantic Cyclocross) series. There were 94 people registered to race my class (Cat 4 Men). For those of you that aren't familiar with cyclocross, it is typically raced on a 2-4 kilometer course that has off camber turns, obstacles, barriers, grass sections, gravel sections, asphalt, sand, mud, you name it. The bikes are made for cross but basically a road bike w/ mountain bike brakes and larger tires. The races are a timed event, so you have a minimum time established you will be out on the course (my race was supposed to be 40 minutes, ended up 48). They are very intense races, but they are a blast! Reminds me of motocross without the "motor"!!!

It's a mass start, so I wanted to get as far up front as I could. The gun went off and mission accomplished, after the first few turns of chaos I had myself in the top 10. About half way through the first lap I hit a wet spot and was down before I knew what happened. Got up quick as people were just flying by...only to find that my chain was off. Took more time to get it back on and going again. Had some good battles and managed to finish 17th. Happy with that, but could have been better had I not fallen. I wore my heart rate monitor just to get the data....averaged 169bpm for 48 minutes, that's 90% of my max HR! Told you they were intense! Can't wait for the next one...10/17 on the Dupont grounds in Granogue, DE. Here are a few pics.....I know the helmet looks dorky, think it was dislodged in the fall!!

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  1. You look like Lance! :) Glad that you are getting back into cross (you did that before didn't you??)! Sounds like a nice change of pace. And wowzers with your heartrate!!! 169 for 48 minutes! That's crazy! Best of luck this weekend. We'll be cheering for you!