Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beautiful Fall Ride

I was lucky enough to sneak out for a ride Sunday after Autumn's soccer game. What a beautiful day, high 50's and sun. The leaves are near their peak so I headed to the hills for some views! First up was Flint Hill, highest climb of the day.

Uphill never looked so good.......

Then I headed over toward Carolyn's house and through Spring Valley (Peppermint Road). Here's a stop by Ghost Mountain down by Knechts Bridge.

This is over by Rattlesnake Road, part of the Cooks Creek.

The fall has been busy and nice. Autumn only has two soccer games left and Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Hope everyone has a great fall.


  1. I love your "uphill never looked so good" title - I never raise my head when I'm pushing up a hill! Pretty pictures.
    Also can't believe soccer is almost over. Wow!

  2. Great pictures! Glad that you've been able to enjoy the fall from your bike - best place to see it if you ask me! :)