Monday, November 9, 2009

Cyclocross Doubleheader Weekend Part 1

Last weekend I did my first "double header" cyclocross weekend. Day 1 was a COLD Saturday which had a temperature of 23 at 6:30 before I left for my 9:00 race. Got to the race at about 7:45 or so and it was low 30's and FROSTY! Got signed up, dressed up and headed out to check out the course. Couple of muddy sections, but as the sun came up it melted the frost and made for some slick conditions. There were about 55 people so I knew if I wanted to do well (my best finish in my first 4 races was a 7th place) I had to get a good start. I didn't get a call up, but managed to sneak in on the far left of the front row and after the uphill gravel start I found myself in the top 10. Cyclocross keeps your heart rate up so high it's important not to really kill yourself the first lap so you can keep a more even effort through the finish. Well after a couple of good passes I found myself in 2nd place challenging for the lead. I tapped the leaders rear wheel and fell down. Quickly picked myself up in third and by the end of the first lap I was leading! I had never been in that position before so I tried to stay calm....coming into a sharp turn I lost my front wheel and went down. Got up in 2nd and fell down a couple corners later from all the mud caught up in my tires. Picked myself up in 5th and had an awesome back and forth battle with 4th place never really losing site of the top 3. I just didn't have enough fight to get up to them, but did manage an awesome outside sprint up the finish line straight to grab 4th, my first podium! It was called the Horseshoe Scramble, so among other things I got a cool horseshoe! The course was really fun and I had a great time. Headed over to Carolyns to pick up the kids so Autumn could go to her friend Ashley's birthday party. Got cleaned up and ready for day 2, Spring Mountain Cyclocross near Lansdale.

Here are some shots.....

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