Friday, November 13, 2009

Double Header Weekend Day 2 - and 5th Street

Day 2 of the double header was the Spring Mount Cyclocross. It was a beautiful day, temps probably in the low 50's when we started at 10pm. It was Jer and George's (my brother and a former motocross friend) first cross race, so we preroad the course. Not having rain in a little while, we were thinking we'd have a nice dry course....we were wrong. The course was cool, a lot of variations of terrain including a nice sand pit (picture below), off camber grass turns, a gravel section, a set of barriers, two water crossings and MUD! There were 60 people entered, so I knew getting a good starting spot was going to be key. I lucked out and did get a good spot on the outside. The first few turns were crazy, bikes flying everywhere. I would guess I was in about 10th spot or so. By the time we came to the mud / water crossing / barrier section I have moved up a couple of spots and decided to run the whole section, maybe 300 meters or so. I passed a few people that way and as I mounted my bike I saw I was in 2nd...and the leader was having trouble clipping I round the first lap LEADING! I just tried to ride smart and not fall like I did the day before and I just hoped I could hold on for the entire 45 minutes. The race was awesome, Lauren and the kids were cheering so loud I couldn't wait to go by them every lap. Last lap came and the second place guy was keeping me honest so I tried to just stay consistent...ended up coming across the line in 1st. Three more races this season so now I've got some motivation to train on the cold dark mornings!
Sand Pit


Last night I did 5th street again, what a blast. Here's a picture of me coming up the run up area (well the pro's actually RIDE up this). The late season cycling will certainly help me carry my base into next year.

Hope all is well with everyone.

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