Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving . . . Let the craziness begin!

First off, congratulations to Tom and Colleen for completing Ironman Florida (and a PR for Tom)! Can't believe Thanksgiving is upon us already. Should be a fun few days off. I'm home with the kids today, Autumn has school and Joshua is challenging me with potty training. Tomorrow we're just hanging out here, Robbie is coming up to visit. Friday, Lauren is working half day and we're headed down to my Dad's to see Cody who hasn't seen the kids since he left for school in August. Saturday, Lauren and the family (A. Nan and U. Tom are coming in) are headed out to Lancaster to see a Christmas show. Jer and I are racing a cyclocross in the morning and I'm staying home with Joshua. Sunday will be day two of a cyclocross double header...then off to the tree farm to get the Christmas tree. Wait, did I just say that, tree already? Better get shopping!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving tomorrow and takes some time to reflect on ALL that we have to be thankful for. We are truly blessed as individuals, families and friends.

Got a cool offer from a triathlon team for next year, it's a company that is planning to release a product that will track athletes via GPS in real time on the internet as they train or race. It's a great safety tool as well as a great device for friends and family that are at home or even on site of a long race. No more guessing when your favorite athlete will be coming by, you'll have it online! Check out They haven't finalized the website yet but they're hoping to get it going by the fall.

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  1. Chris, that's awesome about the tri team! I've heard just a little bit about the company and am definitely intersted in learning more! :) Great news!

    Hope you had a good time this weekend - sounds like a busy one!