Friday, August 28, 2009

Autumn's first soccer practice!

Wednesday night was Autumn's first soccer practice. We signed her up for a U-6 girls soccer club. Practice was at Hopewell, her elementary school (which she'll be starting on Sept 8!!). There were 9 girls that showed up and the coach got right to business. For as timid and shy as she can be, she did really well.....until she scored on her own goal. To her defense, there was only one actual goal out there, the other one was between two cones. She's got a pretty good kick and goes pretty fast. We're glad she liked it so much. First game is Sept 13! Here are some shots.

We also did some white water rafting last weekend with Dad (Landis), Rob, Mike and Carolyn. It was a Christmas gift from Lauren to the family. As usual for my "events" this year, it was fact it was a 90% chance of rain! Luckily we got one big shower before we started and stayed relatively dry. The water was high and moving quickly and we kicked butt getting through the rapids! It was a blast, thank you hun! Sorry no digital pictures, we didn't have enough confidence in ourselves to bring phones / cameras!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

Well, out of 7 multisport races leading up to this weekend, I had raced in the rain in four of them. As last weekend approached they were calling for a beautiful day. Well, true to form, I woke up last Sunday to RAIN, and a lot of it. So now the count stands at 5 of 8 races. Leading up to this year I don't think I've ever raced a multisport race in the rain! It's come to the point where my friends won't sign up for the same races as me!

So two, two weekends in a row and two wet races for the new bike. I've been trying to come up with a name for it, maybe Rubby Ducky is appropriate. So far the best I can come up with is "WMD" (Weapon of Mass Destruction). Just doesn't flow though. Maybe I should ask Autumn and Joshua to name it! It fits nicely and has gotten me to some pretty good bike splits in some pretty bad conditions. Here it is......

Last week Lauren was away at a class in Boston from Wednesday to Sunday. Autumn had a hard time initially, but I kept her (and Joshua) busy with special nights out to Chick Fil-a and the Quakertown Carnival with Brooke.....

We all missed her and we're glad she's back home with us!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lightning Strikes

Our weather has been plain weird around here this year. We had our first 90+ degree day in April (of course the day of Duathlon Nationals!) and just had our second one last week. It's the beginning of August already and I'm still mowing the green grass like it's Spring....and I haven't put down my next round of fertilizer!

Saturday was a hot one and Lauren wanted to do some shopping at the Promenade with a friend so I took the kids to play in the hour and a half and they LOVED it!

I had a race on Sunday, so I was worried about the heat. Calling for 30% chance of storms I figured we'd be OK, especially when I woke up at 3:30 to a booming storm, "great, that wipes out my 30%" I thought. Was excited to give my new bike a test, had just picked it up (in the rain) on Friday, rode 35 miles on it on Saturday and now had to get it all wet and dirty in the race :c(( Woke up, drove to the tri and registered....all in the rain. What's up with that, gotta stop soon. Well, next came the thunder and lightning which turned the tri into a du in a hurry. Now 2mi run / 38mi bike / 7mi run in the rain! I emailed Lauren to tell her not to bother with bringing the kids and coming up. The grass parking lot, transition and registration areas had turned to mud. Race went pretty well, rain let up until about 10 miles left in the bike when the skies opened up.....rain, thunder and lightning! Came off the bike in 4th and headed out to what is supposed to be my specialty, the run......well not today. I must admit, it was actually fun to run in the pouring rain, thunder and lighting as I splashed through the puddles, but my legs didn't think the rolling hills were too fun. Had solidly passed my way into 3rd when they started to revolt. Two miles to go and I was hurting...contemplating walking even. Then with less than a mile to go, a guy coming the other direction (out and back course) says "you better pick it up or "Speedo-man" is going to pass you. With that, "Speedo-man" speeds on by and I have nothing to respond with. Cross the finish line in pain in 4th only to find my awesome family there cheering me on in the pouring rain! They are awesome and it was so great to have them there. The kids loved splashing in the puddles and the mud (just as they did the day before at the fountain...accept today it was colder, darker and they weren't in bathing suits)! So my first crack at a longer distance event was painful, but as usual I'll be back!

Here's "SPEEDO-MAN" (you don't have too look)