Friday, October 30, 2009

Kid again

Last week I tried something new...and different....and a little crazy....but as I think about going back tonight, I feel like a kid getting excited to go trick or treating or something! It started years back when Bill Strickland, senior editor for Bicycling Magazine started having cyclocross practice in his back yard. Well it go so big that they outgrew his back yard and now have these "races" at a compost facility in Emmaus, PA...about 10 minutes from our house. The most interesting thing about these races isn't the "shortcut" (I'll elaborate later), but fact that they're run IN THE DARK. Now it's not really a race, but there are two "motos" each night. The rules are haphazard at most and it's just a good old time. If you don't feel like riding the whole course, you can elect to take the "shortcut" which isn't always shorter because there's a penalty to pay. Last week it was chugging a glass of goats milk, week before was a sausage link. Needless to say, I don't mind riding the whole course!
So tonight is week #2 for me and I can't wait to go play in the mud w/ a light on my head. But first, I'm lucky enough to get a half day of work, pick up Joshua and head to Autumn's school for a Halloween parade!! Mommy did a great job w/ her costume (it's a secret) so it should be a blast.
Here's a link to a video of the action:
Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beautiful Fall Ride

I was lucky enough to sneak out for a ride Sunday after Autumn's soccer game. What a beautiful day, high 50's and sun. The leaves are near their peak so I headed to the hills for some views! First up was Flint Hill, highest climb of the day.

Uphill never looked so good.......

Then I headed over toward Carolyn's house and through Spring Valley (Peppermint Road). Here's a stop by Ghost Mountain down by Knechts Bridge.

This is over by Rattlesnake Road, part of the Cooks Creek.

The fall has been busy and nice. Autumn only has two soccer games left and Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Hope everyone has a great fall.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birthdays and more brithdays!!

Been a little while, but as you will see, we've been busy with birthday stuff. Lauren's birthday started it all off on September 26. We went to a great B&B in Point Pleasant near New Hope, enjoyed a great dinner and a fun day of walking around New Hope on Sunday.

The next week was Autumn's birthday on 10/1, so we treated her to a night at Red Robin (and we got our annual family pictures). The next day we had a family party at our house to celebrate!
On Saturday we headed to the pumpkin patch for a hay ride and to pick some pumpkins....

Then Saturday night Jer and I headed down to New Jersey to celebrate his birthday on 10/4 by doing a multisport race. It was Jer's 2nd duathlon and my first half iron distance triathlon. We had a good night sleep and made it to the race site ready to go. I had been on the fence about racing the half distance because I was losing motivation as it got colder and the nights got longer. Lauren convinced me to give it a go in preparation for next year's Eagleman Half Ironman. I'm glad it did. Turned out to be a nice day, my goal was to take it easy on the bike AFTER I survived the swim leg and see what I had for the run. I felt pretty good on the bike (save the sore butt) and had a great run, posting the fastest run time for 13.2 miles by 3.5 minutes! Jer was there when I finished and I learned that not only had I finished 5th overall and first in my age group, SO HAD HE!! What a great day to celebrate his birthday.

So, that left us with one last birthday celebration. Last weekend was Autumn's "kid" party. About 12 kids (and the corresponding adults) were treated to a great time and an hour of fun provided by Tootsee the clown!