Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If you can't beat it......

Join it!
The cold that is. Certainly don't interpret this as a complaint because the weather we've had the past few days has been awesome, but it still gets pretty darn chilly at night. I've been itching to ride my bike here lately, so I decided to commute to work today on my bike! It was cold, around 30 when I left for the whopping 4 mile commute, but I was sick of letting the cold weather dictate my riding so I packed my backpack and off I went. Glad I did, was a nice ride here and should be a nice ride back. Hopefully I can do more commuting.

Had a great birthday "weekend". Took Friday off, was actually a pretty nice winter weather day in the low 40's. Lauren got a long run in and I met up with my brother and got a nice 50 miler in. We went to the Promenade that night for a fun family dinner at Red Robin and did some walking around outside. Saturday we went down to the Franklin Institute in Philly and the kids had a BLAST! They can't wait to go down again... On Sunday, I got a nice long run in on the mountain bike trails on South Mountain at Lehigh U, then Sunday PM we headed down to my mom's for a surpise.....she was watching the kids and sending us to dinner and a Jars of Clay concert!! It was great to have a nice dinner with Lauren and enjoy the concert in a small theatre in Sellersville, very cool....Thanks Mom!


  1. I think it's awesome that you commuted to work on your bike. Will you do that through the spring???

    And glad that you had a good birthday - sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  2. I hope to commute to work if the weather permits on the days that Lauren doesn't work. Not much of a ride but it's something!

    How's your (and Tom's) training going? Guess Tom won't have any issues w/ the bike in Kentucky...just has to find time to run & swim!!

  3. Yeah... I have about a 10 mile commute and have been wanting to get out on my mountain bike and get to work. There is something about nine degrees that does not quite agree with my body though. I guess if I am properly dressed I can beat this temporary ice age.