Thursday, February 18, 2010

Catching up

Well, there's been a lot going on considering it's the dead of winter. One thing that hasn't been going on is outdoor riding...with the exception of a few commutes to work! Where to start?

Snow: We've had a ton of it lately and can't wait for it to be GONE! It was nice to look at and the kids had fun playing in it. Walker, however, is not that much of a fan of it anymore. The snow was so high that I had to snowblow a path for him around the yard! Poor Joshua couldn't even get around.

Supebowl 10K: As posted before, my first venture into race directing was put to the test. Mother nature was nice to us and only dropped about 8" of snow on the course the day before the race! The sun did come out on race day and things went off great. Temperatures were in the low to mid 20's at race time and most of the snow was off of the course. We had 400 finishers and a lot of compliments. Looking forward to making it better next year. Now moved on to helping organize the Lehigh Valley Half Marathon Expo. Also hoping to promote a cyclocross race this fall.

Olympics: For some reason my memory retained nothing from the winter olympics of 4 years ago....maybe it was because we were finishing the house and moving in? That's not the case for these olympics. There have been some incredible events...nordic combined, speed skating, downhill skiing and snowboard-cross.....and more to come. What a blast to watch!

Pacing: Next weekend Lauren and I head down to Tampa, FL...YAY!! We're headed down to pace at the Gasparilla Distance Classic....I'm pacing the 3:20 marathon group and Lauren's pacing the 1:40 half marathon group, so we'll get to run together for 6.5 miles! I can't wait for some warmer weather and relaxing. We're also going to meet Lauren's dad down there since he has "migrated" south for a month. Should be fun. Then when we get home it'll be March and the home stretch until Spring.

Training: Running has been coming along well. My first running race since last June is coming up this weekend, a 5 miler, so we'll see what type of shape I'm in so far. Had a great 22 miler last weekend and 10x400 speed workout on Monday. I've also discovered First Endurance nutritional products through Team Trakkers
I've been using Ultragen, their recovery product and it is incredible. Slowtwitch did a great article on company which is first class and really into endurance nutrition. I'll be working the rest of their products in as I gear up for Rev3 Quassy Half Ironman in June. Hopefully this weather breaks soon and I can get some much needed saddle time to prepare for what is billed as a pretty tough bike course up there. Sounds like it'll be a great weekend, we've got a room at the host hotel which is located at a country club. The race is held at Quassy Amusement park and was recognized by Triathlete Magazine the most family friendly race in the country!

Swimming: We've been taking Autumn and Joshua to Swim in-zone for lessons. They both LOVE it and they're doing great. I do the parent / child class with Joshua which he loves. Last night I actually had the urge to bust out a few laps.....and being that I haven't swam since October and I have a half ironman coming up in a little more than three months that probably would be a wise thing to do. My plan is to start swimming again in March. Funny how much I "don't like" swimming but I actually do enjoy doing it. One of these years I'll focus on getting better instead of getting through!


  1. Sounds like things are going great for you guys! Have a great time in Tampa! Wish we could see you this weekend!

  2. Bbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrr.... man what a winter most of us are having, eh? Stay warm!!!!!


  3. Our winter has been the total opposite of normal. We've literally had like NO snow this year, which is unheard of here. Glad you're still kickin it, regardless...Woop!