Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring is coming.....

The snow is finally melting, we're seeing some warmer temps and the birds and squirrels are out in full force. This can only mean one thing, SPRING IS COMING! I seem to like winter less and less as the years pass, but that makes me enjoy spring and summer even more.

Autumn's school had a Spring celebration....a family dance social....last week. I don't remember having dance's when I was in Kindergarten? Lauren and I took her and it was fun. All the boys were running around like crazy while the DJ tried to keep the kids entertained with dance songs. Autumn stuck to us like glue, which is funny because we said if it was Joshua three years down the road, he would walk in and we wouldn't see him until it was over! Autumn did have fun, here she's posing with a friend of her's from the bus.

And speaking of warmer weather, I got home on Tuesday and it was BEAUTIFUL outside. Lauren was working late, so I broke out the bike trailer for the first time and Autumn got to ride her bike on the road without training wheels for the first time. We went over a mile down the road and back and she did great. Joshua loved riding in the back, although he did wish he was riding by himself. Can't wait to take them over to the park! I'm thinking the bike and trailer may be my mode of commuting to work this summer on the days Lauren works....take the trailer to Beth's on the way to work and ride to Beth's and pick them up in the trailer to take them home!

Boston training has been going well. Decided to jump into the Quakertown Rotary 10 miler on Saturday. Wasn't expecting much 6 days after the marathon and the day after a good run and ride combo on Friday. Went well, after a 4 mi warm up I ran the first 4 miles with a friend of mine and once we were done with the ridiculous hill climbing I picked up the pace. Didn't match my best time on that course, but managed a 58:35 for 3rd overall which I'm really happy with. Boston is less than 6 weeks away now! Lauren has been getting some good training in as well. I really need to get out on my bike though...hopefully this weather will allow me to get some mileage in. I "keep forgetting" that I'm signed up for the Rev3 Quassy Half Ironman on June 6....which has a 56 mile bike leg (and some swimming too). The Trakkers team is rolling right along. They've got some big announcements coming up and they've started a cool weekly live interview series with some incredible pro triathletes. Check it out one Wednesday PM, they have weekly give-aways and your chance to call in and talk to the professionals. And our bright green Saucony gear should be making its debut soon!

Planning is also going well for our pace groups for the Lehigh Valley Half Marathon. I've got 9 pacers set up to interact with the participants at the expo and pace various goal finish time groups in the race on Sunday. I've also begun to plan a cyclocross race that will be this fall at a local park. We hope to showcase the park, bring some local non profit charities in to vend and make a donation in support of the HCM Foundation.


  1. Sounds like you have quite a bit going on. Great job with that 10 miler too... I love that you can just hop into the race and come home with 3rd! :)

    Autumn is getting so big and I love to see her on her bike... with no training wheels to boot! It won't be long before Joshua's joining her!

  2. Hi Chris,

    thanks for your wishes. Looks like you are well on track for Boston. Great to see that your season is going well. It was great to catch up with you during the 10 miler. I'll be taking it easy now as far as running goes. I may do more biking though. Looking forward to getting a new road bike later this week. Finally shipped and I should be getting it setup on Friday.


  3. Exciting times, cute pics of the kiddos!