Friday, April 9, 2010

Don't Taper, Peak!

The countdown to Boston is at 10 days! I read an awesome article a couple of years ago written for Running Times by Greg McMillan. I used to get crazy during the taper, taking the traditional three week taper and worrying about EVERYTHING, every little pain I felt, everything I ate, how many miles I ran and exactly how fast I ran them. After reading this article (I have a great deal of respect for Greg and his teaching) I decided to give it a go. I had a great race, but as we all know there are a million factors that could have contributed to that. But I did learn something, that you don't HAVE to TAPER, but you can PEAK. It's an awesome way to look the last few weeks, both physically and mentally. Hopefully that carries into Boston and all goes well!

Easter weekend was just incredible. God dished out some of the most incredible weather we've ever seen for this time of year...and since I had Friday and Monday off I got to enjoy it to the fullest! Friday I took the kids down to Dad's and they had a blast playing with their cousins, Ace the dog and riding their bikes...while I split firewood. Fun days like that are what I remember as the "glory days" of childhood, that's what kids are supposed to do, be outside, be active, explore and have fun! Saturday early AM I got my last 20 mile run in before Boston, then juggled cleaning the house and watching four children...three of them 3 or younger (we were watching our wonderful nieces). They got a long very well and actually allowed me to dust, vacuum and clean the wood / tile floors!! Saturday PM we had Lauren's family over for Easter dinner (14 people total, wow)! Sunday we had a great morning watching the kids find the eggs and go through their baskets...then off to church and brunch at Mom's. Again the kids spent the ENTIRE afternoon outside riding bikes, running and playing. It was AWESOME!

Monday we did some car shopping to replace Lauren's car. We had two test drives which were interesting with the kids, but they did awesome. We finally decided overwhelmingly on the Subaru Outback Limited It's coming off the assembly line and we may have it before we leave for Boston!!

Tuesday night Jer and I got together at Chick Filet....Tuesday night is family MORE FUN for the kids! They got to high five the Cow and got their faces painted!!

Autumn was very serious...

The one below cracks me up. Adi and Joshua are having fun and being silly, but check out the picture on the kids meal bag.

Autumn and Adi..

Got a sweet package from Trakkers last week. Thanks to Saucony for the sweet gear! We will be styling out there this year. Getting excited for REV3 Quassy and REV3 Cedar Point!! Also, just dove into my Cappuccino flavored Ultragen recovery drink, that stuff is awesome. You've gotta check it out....tastes to good to be true! I firmly believe that it has kept me injury free through this Boston training cycle...850 running miles since January 1.

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  1. A couple of things... first, did I miss the announcement that you are racing in Cedar Point? Did you decide to do a full??? Let me know. Tom and I will come cheer for you no matter what the distance is!!! Second, I am so excited to follow you guys next week at Boston. Enjoy your week leading up to it! :)