Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First multisport race of the year.....

Saturday was the first multisport race of the year, the Doylestown Du (5k run / 21.5 bike / 5k run). Probably not the smartest thing to do while tapering and 8 days away from Boston, but isn't there some rule that you have to do a race that is within 15 minutes driving from your house?? Leading up the race I was certainly lacking time on the bike, so I wanted to have two good runs and see where my bike split fell. Well, the weather was better than last year (42 deg and driving rain) with temps again in the low 40's and a biting 15-20mph wind. The wind wasn't too bad on the run, but the bike was pretty nasty, most of the course was a cross wind....not too good for my 52mm Cosmic Carbones. Anyway, the race was the Mid Atlantic Regional Duathlon Championship with nearly 400 entries and some serious competition. There was an elite wave, then our wave started. This was my first race in 35-39 age group. First run went well, someone on my heels drafting for the first mile, I was throwing surges in and could hear his breathing getting more labored. After the turn around he finally cracked, came into the transition area first with a 16:28, had a good transition, then it happened. I hadn't contemplated how I was going to get on the bike other than that I was gonna put my shoes on in transition. I had done a brick or two in the basement but no real mounts. Well, cyclocross racing carried over into triathlon because before I knew it I was doing a 'cross mount, going from a run and leaping onto the bike, into the pedals and off!! It was AWESOME, and captured on film! Check out the people watching....

Had a decent bike, managed to catch one guy from the elite wave then fought with the wind on basically a solo effort. I found myself holding back on the bike which I guess was smart in the grand scheme of things, but probably had something to do with the fact that I was riding solo. I did get passed with a couple of miles to go, then I got "the spark" and worked to keep him in toe for a 58:34, 21.8mph. I had another great transition and came out of T2 leading the amateurs.

Run 2 was pretty uneventful and I ran by myself most of the way. I finally warmed up enough to take my hat and gloves off. I put some time on a couple of the elites, but finished alone in 1:33 after a 17:41 final 5k. I was 7th overall, 1st amateur and 1st in my age group out of about 350 finishers. My bike wasn't where I wanted it to be, but considering my training thus far I'll take it.

My brother raced as well, it was only his 3rd du and by far the longest bike split he's raced. He really has been working his butt off and it showed, 37th overall and the 25th fastest bike split! I expect more improvement as the year progresses.

So, a great run tune up for Boston, my legs are feeling good and ready and the weather is looking great (probably high 40's, low 50's for the entire race!). I'm bib 1481 and Lauren is 7216 so be sure to check us out on race day! We leave on Saturday.


  1. You are simply amazing... when you going pro??? :)