Friday, May 28, 2010

One week

This time next week we'll be in Middlebury, CT for the Rev3 Quassy Half Iron distance triathlon. We're going to make a 3 day trip out of it. The drive is a nice easy 3 hours so the kids can easily survive.....PLUS they'll have the added anticipation of being at Quassy, an amusement park, for 3 days....not to mention the schedule of activities that the race directors have planned out. Autumn is already excited for family movie night on the Jumbotron on Friday night, Joshua is excited about the train and Lauren and I are excited to have a "mini-vacation" with the family.

With all the thought going into how fun of a weekend it will be, I forgot that I actually have a race to do!! And a rather long one at that.... It will be my 2nd half iron distance event so after I finished Boston it dawned on me that I needed to be ready for 3 sports, not 1! I've done pretty well so far with the biking and running....and I'm working on the I'm pretty confident that I'll have a decent race. Until it dawned on me this week that I really hadn't checked the courses out. Well, as expected for the northeast, there are some hills...well it appears a good amount of hills. Being from the northeast, it doesn't necessarily "scare" me, actually, on the bright side, it gives the course some character!

So as I was doing one of my last long runs before the race, I was thinking back to my training over the past month...and the fact that with only a week before the race I should taper at one point, right?? Well, thanks to Garmin Connect, I ran some reports for the last 30 days....


Count:20 Activities
Distance:126.38 mi
Time:14:36:20 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:5,215 ft
Avg Speed:8.7 mph
Avg HR:142 bpm
Calories:9,946 C
Avg Distance:6.32 mi
Avg Time:00:43:49 h:m:s


Count:23 Activities
Distance:607.04 mi
Time:32:34:34 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:26,221 ft
Avg Speed:18.6 mph
Avg HR:127 bpm
Calories:20,159 C
Avg Distance:26.39 mi
Avg Time:01:24:58 h:m:s

My training has been very solid up to this point, some great speed efforts on the track, some great long rides and intervals on the bike, so I'm excited about that. I just need to chill out next week and taper a little bit.

I'm also looking forward to meeting all of my Trakkers teammates next week. We'll be "hosting" a team water stop at mile 1 of the Olympic Tri on Saturday...guaranteed to be the best one on the course. Then at noon we'll be handing out free First Endurance products in the awards / expo area. I also hope to hit the practice swim in the afternoon on Saturday. On Sunday I'll be testing out one of the Trakkers devices, so I'll post the link to the site. You'll be able to watch me live, see my speed/pace and everything. Pretty cool stuff.


  1. Can't wait to meet you in Quassy!!!

  2. I'm with Kelly. Can't wait to finally meet you (when you aren't flying past me on the Boston course).

    Hopefully this time around we'll have time to say more than "Go Chris! Go Trakkers!"

  3. Okay, first of all - 600+ miles on the bike in the last 30 days? You are crazy! You are going to do great this weekend. Looking forward to tracking you!!!

    Have a great time with the family! It's the perfect little get away to kick off summer!