Friday, May 7, 2010

The Switch

Before I get to the title of this post, I wanted to catch up on our busy week. Mothers Day is quickly approaching and we have a fun day planned...after church we're headed to the Iron Pigs baseball game in Allentown, then my mom is coming over for a Mothers Day dinner! Haven't really had a free night to catch up on anything at home, Monday night was Swim in Zone night, Autumn is really catching on to swimming and becoming quite the fish! Tuesday night was the quarterly Runners World wear testing shoe distribution. I usually help out at these, but Lauren was working late so I figured I'd just pop in, help unload and organize all the shoes while trying to keep the kids entertained, grab my test shoes and go...well turned out they were low on shoe fitters and there were over 150 people waiting outside, so I helped out with that too. By about 7:15 the kids were ready to leave without me!! (I ended up with a nice pair of Saucony Omni 9's to try out, and a pair of Nike Pegasus for Lauren) They had done great...moving boxes, picking up the papers that come in the shoes, etc, so I decided to treat them to McDonalds which doesn't happen too often. This McDonalds had the largest indoor playground I've ever seen.....

Then Wednesday night we headed up to the first 5k in the Lehigh Valley Road Runners summer series. What a great time, a low key 5K, $5 entry and a huge potluck dinner. The kids had a blast playing with the other kids, running around, exploring the creek, etc. It was great to hang out with friends and enjoy a great time. I pushed the kids in the double stroller and ran with Lauren. I found out that they've grown considerably and that stroller isn't near as easy to push, especially on the gravel up the hills of the Parkway!

Last night Carolyn and Mike took Joshua to see Sesame Place Live at the Stabler Center and Lauren was speaking to and helping out with First Strides in Bethlehem, a great program that teaches women how to begin to run and work their way up to finishing a 5K. So, Autumn and I watched Arianna while everyone was away. Autumn loves to help out with Ari and be "the mommy", so she was a huge help. And Ari just loves Autumn it's so cute. We had a nice dinner and by this 7:00, Arianna was ready for bed....."mommy" to the rescue.....

So tonight (Friday) will be catch up night from the "whirlwind" week.

And back to the title.....The Switch. I've finally made the mental switch from "run mode" to multisport training. To the pool twice now and I've put some great riding in over the past two weeks. It feels great to have the early morning sunrise back, and some warmer temperatures. Here's a picture I just had to take from Wednesday morning, about 3 miles into my ride and I look over my shoulder to see this...

My bike legs feel like they're coming back and "The Switch" has been made. Looking at my logs, I've put half of my total riding miles for the year on in the last two weeks!! I'm only a month away from Rev3 Quassy half ironman and I'm feeling more confident that I'll be ready. It's my 2nd half iron distance event and I'm not looking for a PR but to enjoy the event, the weekend with the family and meeting a bunch of new people.

If you get a chance, check out The Lehigh Valley has a huge running community which really needed something like this to connect people and bring together as well as highlight all that the Valley has to offer to runners.

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  1. Sounds like you guys are super busy! We feel ya! :)

    You are going to have an amazing tri season. Tom and I want to talk to you about Trakkers a little more - find out exactly what it is and who they are marketing it to! Maybe we can catch up via the phone soon!