Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial weekend fun

What an awesome Memorial Day weekend! The weather was the best I can remember and we had a blast as a family. Saturday Lauren went shopping for the day, so the kids and I headed into Quakertown to do some shopping (some shopping for Lauren's anniversary present, only 7 days until our 10th anniversary) and some people watching at Walmart. We had our first cook out an meal on the patio of the year. Sunday was a busy day, Lauren got her long run in, we headed to church and then off to Autumn's first kids triathlon, then over to Lauren's sister's for a picnic.

Autumn had so much fun at her first "race", it was so cute. A local indoor pool where she takes lessons put the event on for kids under 10 years timing, no results, just plain fun for the children and the parents! She started off with lap in the pool. (Here's mommy helping her get ready for the bike)

Then she headed out to the parking lot for her bike, two laps on the road in front of her...a mile or two total. It was cute, there was a slight incline that was just killer for the kids. She came into transition, dropper her bike and she was off for 4 laps around the parking lot (I think she's a natural runner!)

All the kids got to "break the tape" as they crossed the finish line, then some refreshments and a "high five" from the Nittany Lion (PSU has a campus next door). Joshua just watched in amazement, I'm sure he'll be out there next year! Autumn's classmate Ashley did it too, as did her cousins Hope and Adi.

Monday we had a great day as well. I packed up the mountain bikes, Autumns bike and the trailer and we headed down to Frenchtown NJ along the Delaware River. We road along the canal path and stopped along the way to put our feet in the water. It was great to see so many people out and about, enjoying the weather, the time off and the beauty of mother nature. We had dinner out on the patio of a little restaurant along the path, then walked for some ice cream. Within minutes of leaving we had two sleeping kids! Mission FUN WEEKEND accomplished!

I had some great early morning workouts, Saturday Johan and I embarked on a rather hilly 70 mile bike ride. We started out early (5:30am) when traffic is non existent and the weather is cool, but after a few hours in the saddle it warmed up. I had only brought two water bottles (with Grape EFS), a Clif Bar and a Gu gel.

We had planned to stop about 2:45-3:00 into the ride at a church to refill our bottles. Much to our surprise, they still had their outside hose bib turned off and no-one in sight! So I knew that last 15 miles were gonna be rough and......

from the looks of this photo, they were!! Now before you laugh at me too hard, at least feel a little bit of pity! I was impressed at my ability to snap pictures from my phone as I rode (stealing my teammate Sonja's idea). Beside the goofy look on my face, my dorky hat and least my Trakkers kit looked cool!

So, after 70 miles on the bike on Saturday, my recovery week had a great "start". I proceeded to do a 25mi bike / 3mi run on Sunday, THEN get talked into another ride with Johan on Monday, somehow ending up with another 60 mile ride....OK, gotta focus on tapering! All this beautiful weather has me training like a kid in a candy store, I can't sleep at 5:00 in the AM when the sun is out!


  1. A big congrats to Autumn... with you two as parents, I wouldn't be surprised if she's a natural athlete!!! :)

    Rest up this week! You're going to kick major butt this weekend!

  2. That's okay hun, I'll sleep for you. :-)