Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mental notes..

First off, on the way home from Quassy we got news that Lauren's uncle had suffered a cardiac arrest. He was on day two of an MS150 bike ride in North Carolina which he had done many times before, in very hot and humid weather. He collapsed 5 miles from the finish line and by the grace of God was defibulated (sp?) very quickly. He went through some tough times over the following few hours and needed open heart surgery. We got word this morning that he was removed from the ventilator and is speaking although suffering some short term memory loss. God works in amazing ways and He definitely has bigger and better plans for Ken. He's not out of the woods yet but the recent news is very encouraging.

Things like that really make you take a step back. Here's a fit man in his 50's that was seconds from not making it back home after a weekend of doing what he loves. We as humans and as athletes are truly blessed. Blessed that we have great families, great bodies, and an incredible country where we live free of violence, where our children can grow up without any worries and where we have an abundance of all of our needs. I don't know why God has provided me with the blessings he has, but I am grateful that He has and I hope that I can glorify him in all that I do.

As I was enjoying the incredible morning this morning on a nice easy ride, I was praying for Uncle Ken and giving thanks for all of the beauty around me. 5:30am surrounded by beautiful scenery and the sounds of nature is just an amazing time..almost surreal and it feels like you're taking in what most people are missing out on...like if they only knew they'd be out there joining you? Well, on my ride this morning I was also thinking about my race on Sunday, not necessarily because I wanted to, but because my legs were hurting so much I couldn't NOT think about it! I came up with a list of things that went well and what I would change:

The good:
  • The whole weekend was awesome. It was great to have the family there, the host hotel was awesome as was the venue.
  • The Tri-slide that I used was awesome. I had no issues getting my wetsuit over my bony feet or wrists. No chafing either.
  • My nutrition plan worked out well. No cramping, no loss of energy. The combination of the First Endurance EFS drink mix (2 full bottles, 300 cal), the Liquid Shot (400 cal) and the Clif Bar (240 cal) on the bike was perfect. On the run I wasn't able to tolerate much, but I did get half a flask of Liquid Shot (200 cal) down as well as MANY cups of water.
  • I tried to keep my effort down during the first half of the bike course and push it after the big climb around mile 30. That worked out well and I was strong for the second portion of the bike as well as the run.
  • I tried to keep my heart rate and core temp down on the run. It worked out well, although I was crawling up the hills, I wasn't walking. I was dumping two cups of water over my head at each aid station.
  • I always carry two pumps and two CO2 cartridges. After changing a flat at mile 8 I was glad to know I still had one more set with me.
  • I decided to race in the Saucony Tangent 4's. With the uphills, downhills and gravel roads I was glad I had the added support. The Fasttwitch's work great for me for 10k and below, but the Tangents gave me the support I needed. I have no foot or knee pain. (It was awesome to chat with Michael Lavato post race and hear that he has similar shoe strategies with his Saucony's).
What I would do different (good news, there's not much here):
  • I would be more aggressive to start the swim and I would focus more on sighting early on.
  • Get a post race massage.


  1. So sorry to hear about Lauren's uncle. Great job this weekend, and it was great to be able to meet you finally!

  2. I'm glad Lauren's uncle is looking better! God does work in amazing ways, and His glory certainly shines through you and your family.

    I'm glad you had a great race, and, just so you know, my quads were definitely not happy with me this morning on my ride, either!!

  3. Sorry about Uncle Ken. That is awful. I hope he is doing ok. Great job on Sunday! You mentioned the flat as if you dropped a gel ( like it was no big deal). Some folks just FREAK. The first time (during a race) sucks, but once you got it down... the fear is gone. Tubulars especially... I think in one season I flatted at 2 different halves. Cool as a cucumber on #2 and smiling how efficient and not a helpless bottle blond on the side of the road.Hee hee. The BEST was catching some of the guys on the run and getting the "Hey! Didn't you flat back at mile 35?"

  4. Isn't it amazing that something like the whole Uncle Ken thing can really open your eyes to how fragile life is? Tom and I have talked about it on most of our rides and runs this week. God does work miracles! :)

    I liked your list of good and bad. I think that's smart to do after a race... after getting a massage! :)