Friday, August 27, 2010

Nothin doin'

Well, it's been quiet here lately. After last Saturday's cross workout it was evident that my body was telling me to rest. I made the decision to take 4 days completely off and see how I feel. Looking back, I've been going full speed since January 1 when Boston training started, carried that into HIM training for Quassy then summer tri training. I've racked up over 3000 road miles of riding and 1400 miles of running. It was the right decision and the weather cooperated by raining for 3 of the 4 off days!

Wednesday night I hit the final Grin and Bear It tri training series event on Wednesday night and decided to make it a duathlon and use my cross bike. It was fun and great to get together with everyone. Bear Creek Resort said we're good to go for next year so it looks like mid June will see us starting up the series again.

Last night was my first official practice as a coach. We have 9 girls on our U8 team, all but 2 with some experience. It will be challenging but fun, I really hope I can help them learn and enjoy the game of soccer because having fun is really what it's about. The real test is my daughter, you know just how painfully truthful kids can be, and she said that practice was fun yesterday (without me "prodding" her)...good news for me!

We're moving forward with the details for Town Hall Cross. We have someone working on our logo and we ordered up our numbers which I think look cool! We're going to take the team advantage and start practicing on the course.

We've been practicing at Lehigh U and a local park. The conditions have been perfect, damp grass and cool temperatures. Here's a shot from this morning of Greg headed for the second set of barriers.

Greg carving up a turn...

Bench racing...

We're headed to the beach Sun, Mon and Tues. Should be fun. Kids love the sand, the water and the rides. I'm looking forward to a few runs along the beach.

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  1. Hope you had a good weekend! :)

    And I love that you are coaching soccer!