Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The preparation has begun

We're less than two months from my first try at promoting a cyclocross race. We've got it up on BikeReg, we've got our website up and going and we even have some registrants already! Last year was my first year in cyclocross which is limited to a fall racing schedule. It's an interesting sport in which you have multisport athletes that use it to stay in shape, road racers that use it to extend their road season and 'crosser's who train for this short season all year. It's definitely not easy or clean, but it will put a smile on your face from ear to ear (after you catch your breath). It's very addicting and the sport is growing like wildfire. If you see one near you, definitely go and check it out.

So I'm excited about the race on October 2nd. I rode the approximate course layout this morning and it looks awesome. Some fast sections, some slow sections and one heck of a hill which will likely be a run up. I've got lots of help from our local cycling team and we're soliciting some sponsors now. We hope to make it enjoyable for the whole family with a kids race, vendors and entertainment. Of course I'm excited to race it myself as well. The first cross race of the year is actually a UCI race, the Nittany Cross about 15 minutes from my house. All of the top pro / elites will be there.

I'm also raising money for the Town Hall Cross event which will be donated directly to the HCM Foundation. Check out A good friend and fellow multisport athlete who lost his dad to cancer at a very young age organized HCM less than a year ago to provide support and relief to anyone who has been touched by cancer. I'm proud to be a board member and proud to see what HCM has done in it's first year. Three $1,000 scholarships have been awarded to students who have either lost parents to cancer or who are dealing with a family member who is struggling with cancer. HCM has provided gift certificates to families dealing with the disease. From gift certificates that made Christmas a joyful day to a single parent family to gift certificates that pay for gas for a family to commute to the hospital, HCM has been there in times of need. Please take a look at my fundraising website and consider a donation. This is as low overhead, grassroots, "mom and pop" as you will get, every dollar will go toward HCM's service to families in need. The energy and drive that Mike has brought to his mission is incredible and awe inspring...he and HCM are making a difference. My website is Please feel free to forward it on to anyone that would support this mission.

One of my favorite races this year, Rev3 Half in Connecticut has made an exciting announcement....

"Rev3 Quassy registration is now open! Did we mention that the Quassy Half will only be $200 and $100 for the Olympic? Starts Sunday and only lasts for a week! Dont miss out! People are without a doubt taking advantage of the great price! One week only....."

The race is scheduled for June 4th (Olympic Rev) and June 5th (Half Rev). I would imagine this course is a perfect tune up for Ironman Lake Placid...a beautiful lake swim, hilly bike and run course.

In other news, Autumn's soccer will be starting in a few weeks. Looks like a friend and I may be co-coaching......a new experience for me. She's excited so it should be fun regardless!

Other than that, training is going well. I've really missed the sunlight though...over the past few weeks the mornings have become noticably shorter. Makes it tough to get out of bed for sure. I have a big local race this weekend, Steelman Triathlon. I'm doing the Olympic and hoping for a great day and great finish overall. Lots of family, friends and club members will be there racing and cheering, so it'll be great.


  1. Good luck at Steelman. Also looking forward to Oct 2!

  2. Thanks Marten! Maybe we'll see you Sunday AM?

  3. I love that you are coaching soccer. Is there anything that you can't do? :) Hope Steelman went well! Are you still coming to OH for the Rev3? We'll need to talk.

    And the race in Ocotber sounds awesome! I'm off to check out the website!