Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Fun

This weekend was full of fall fun. We were treated to some incredible weather and the leaves are near their peak color. On Saturday we ventured out to the Promenade Shops for the Rave theatre's annual Halloween Party. We saw some great costumes and then walked around soaking up the day. On Sunday we headed out to a hay ride and brunch in the morning. The kids had a blast, Joshua is still talking about "the blue tractor". Then Sunday night we visited the park for the haunted hayride. There was a full moon which was slightly hidden by some passing clouds, the smell of hot cider and hay were in the air. The ride was tastefully "haunted" and the kids had a blast. All this fun and Halloween isn't even here yet!

Since I still have cross on the brain, I was reading Bicycling magazine and came across a great story by Elite 'crosser Adam Myerson about cyclocross. You can find it HERE. He does a great job explaining the unexplainable, here are a few of my favorites.....

It's nearly impossible to explain cyclocross to someone who has never seen it. "You do what with the bike? What if it rains? Do they ever cancel? You race in the SNOW?!" As a 'cross rider, you find yourself at a loss trying to give people a sense of the difficulty, the absurdity, the degree of seriousness participants bring to the sport.

.....the race ends. The feeling in your hands comes back, more painful than when they froze initially. Eventually you get home, take a warm shower, begin to put distance between you and the misery. Over the next few days, the memory of the pain fades and you're left with thoughts of how you could have taken a better line through that one turn...
You thought you were going to die at the time, but now all you can think of is how much fun you had, and how you'd do it again if you could, how you'd do it differently next time. You're left, finally, with the feeling of joy and satisfaction that comes with self-inflicted torment--the essence of endurance sports.

With cyclocross, you get that manic cycle every week if you want. Every Saturday or Sunday—or both—there's another race, with more joy, more pain, more passion, more satisfaction and another opportunity to create an amazing story to tell; a story about something you never want to experience while it's happening, but that leaves you with a feeling you long for once the anguish is passed. That is what cyclocross is all about. It's like real life, but better.

This weekend the MAC series continues. I've moved up to 8th in the series points so I'm hoping for some good races. Saturday is Beacon Cross which features an 80m long beach run and "The Ampitheater of Pain" where you run up (carrying your bike) a 2 story tall "natural" ampitheater which is build into the hillside. Should be interesting!

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