Friday, January 21, 2011

Some random musings.....

Random thoughts….

• Last week was my birthday. I typically worry about my birthday because over the years there have been some bad things that happened. This year was a great day. I went to the Limekiln Cross to watch some cyclocross in the SNOW! Really hoped to race, but my doctor said it wasn’t worth the risk of reinjuring my foot. Went home inspired and with a smile on my face, and despite temps in the low 30’s, went out on my cross bike for a 90 minute road ride! Sweet. The day was topped off with a great night with friends.
• Sunday was a good friend’s birthday. To celebrate we did a killer 60 mile ride over to Frenchtown NJ. Was supposed to be a relaxed pace, BUT. 60 miles in the wind with temps in the low 30’s hurts, but what hurt more was the fact that we averaged 21mph for the first 30 miles…OUCH. I was a tired boy that night…and feeling the extra year from the day before. Thankfully Lauren made some awesome Cheesecake to top the day off.
• It’s been nearly 5 weeks since I’ve run. I’ve gotten more used to the trainer than I ever have. Trainer workouts are now much more bearable with this little gem I found… Those videos are AWESOME, cheap and easy to download. Only one more week to go and I’ll be running!
• The time off has made me reconsider racing the HAT50K, a few short weeks before Boston and a few short weeks AFTER I return to running. Thankfully this awesome race offers refunds, so I’m going to wait until next year and do the Caesar Rodney Half Marathon on 3/27 instead.
• Last week was the PA Cycling awards banquet. Due to the timing of the cyclocross season I was recognized for my series win in the CAT 4 division this year, and brought home a cool little trophy! I also found out today that I finished 5th in the 35+ Elite Masters for the 2011 season, great considering I only raced half of the series!

• TYR was named a sponsor of our Trakkers team this year. I’ll be sporting a shiny new TYR suit for 2011. Thank you!
• I signed up for my first multisport race of the year. Actually, it’s two races. We’re traveling back to REV3 Quassy (in Connecticuit) in June and I’m doing the Revolution Challenge which consists of an Olympic distance triathlon on Saturday and a Half Iron distance triathlon on Sunday. Should be fun. The family had a blast at the host hotel and the amusement park last year. Can’t wait!
• I’m really getting sick of this weather. Two snow storms THIS WEEK, and some CRAZY COLD coming for the next 3 days. Can’t wait to get down to Tampa at the end of February to pace the Gasparilla 15K and Half on Saturday and Sunday.
Thanks for reading. BRING ON SPRING……


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!! And super Congrats on your award. Don't want to disapppoint you, but the south isn't so "hot", as we here in Atlanta are getting frigid temps again and another snow/sleet...why did I move down here?? Hopefully you will be a bit warmer in FL. Good luck in the race

  2. Happy Birthday! In for both at Quassy, eh?? You are even crazier than I thought! Kel and I are both racing the oly this year. Looking forward to hanging out again!!

  3. Glad you had a good birthday! :) And that's awesome about the cross season. Amazing to watch you excel at yet another sport! Hi to Laurie and the kids!

  4. Happy Birthday!! So glad it was a good one. Well, I am in for the Quassy 1/2...not both! WOW. Congrats on your award, that is awesome.

  5. Awesome! The full revolution challenge sounds great!!

  6. Happy late birthday! Hope to see you at Rev3 again this year.