Thursday, February 3, 2011


So Sunday's upcoming Superbowl 10K will mark my third event as race director. And the streak will be alive and kicking. There are a few good streaks that I inherited when I took over directing this race, the streak that it sells out annually at 550 runners and the streak that the previous race director was able to erect a tent each of the first 8 years meaning that the weather was good enough to erect a tent in early February temperatures and weather conditions. Well, I'm not talking about those streaks.
This will be my second year as race director of the Superbowl 10k and the other race I directed was the inaugural Town Hall Cross cyclcross race in October, thus three races total. So what is the streak I'm referring to? Good ole Mother Nature. Last year we had nearly a foot of snow the day before the Superbowl 10k (and were unable to erect the tent, a source of warmth for the runners). Last October's Town Hall Cross was treated to nearly 10 inches of rain in the two days leading up to the race. Both races seemed to go off very well despite Mother Nature's attempt to derail them.

With another coastal storm hitting us on Saturday, I've been asking myself a few questions lately. "What did I do to Mother Nature that she insists on testing me?" "Is she trying to tell me something?" "How nice would it be to direct a race and not worry about weather, or have someone compliment me on the great weather I had ordered for the day?"

So planning continues and luckily most of the runners realize that, heck they signed up for a running race in the Northeastern US in February......there are going to be elements to deal with, that's part of racing isn't it?

I do have to thank the members of our club, their support and effort is unmatched. Also, our two local running stores, Aardvark and Finish Line Running store have provided some great awards. Brooks Running has provided some great shirts and bibs and The Sock Guy has come up with some awesome wool socks for the top 100 finishers. We're also going to have A-TREAT soda and Little Caesars pizza!! This is a local classic, I'm excited for it to go off. Nothing cooler than watching runners cross the line in a race you're directing. Mother Nature I'm a fighter, just take it easy on me OK?


  1. Not to mention the weather canceling spinning at Cutter's for 3 weeks in a row.

  2. I hope the race goes great-no matter what the freaky conditions! being a Race Director is HARD-did it for a 5k....some awesome sponsors you have lined up :)

  3. Good luck with this year's race! As you said most of us up here actually think it is fun to run on a day most sane people would stay indoors. Mother Nature loves to push our buttons.

  4. Good luck at the race, sounds like fun! +1 to what Andy said about running on days most people would choose to stay inside.

  5. Race directing can be tough! Good on-ya!