Friday, February 18, 2011

Superbowl 10K follow up & What I've Been Doing

Well, it's been a little while since my last post. I've been "decompressing" since directing the Superbowl 10K a couple of weeks ago. The race went off well considering the circumstances. We didn't get the snow they called for but we got ICE. I got up early and ran the course on Sunday morning. Well, there was about 3 miles of course that were on lightly traveled roadways and they were covered from side to side in black ice. Temps at race time were predicted to be to rise above freezing before race time, but my gut just said sending 500+ people on these streets would be dangerous.

Now some food for thought here. ANYONE that signs up for a race on February 6th in the Northeast must be pretty adventurous and hardy. Lord only knows what weather and conditions we may get, so my thought process revolved around the fact that most of these people had signed up for this race TO RACE. Heck, it's winter and there aren't many races out there this time of year, PLUS the weather was going above freezing which we hadn't seen in a while. So I decided to hold the race anyway, but modify the course. I picked the best roadways
and made an out and back 5k course that would be covered twice. It worked out well and we had over 450 finishers!

But what have I been doing? Well, I'm slowly building my running mileage after 6 weeks away from the sneakers. It feels as though everything is healed up which is great. I'm following every rule there is, limiting my mileage increase to 5-10% per week, only adding 2-3 miles to each long run, etc. I did introduce some speed sessions which show that I'm definitely behind the ball in my Boston training, but there's hope on the horizon. Also got a pretty cool new pair of Avia's that I'll be working in as I gain confidence in my foot injury...
And I've been hitting the road! Yes, we've had some decent days of late and I've taken to the street. Still some gravel and snow melt, but it sure beats the trainer! Yesterday we were treated to some Spring weather so I took a half a day at work and got 60+ miles in. I just signed up for "America's toughest one day bike race", the TOUR OF THE BATTENKILL. Probably not the smartest thing to do 8 days before racing Boston, but I figured having a big bike race on the schedule would do two things: 1. Keep me on the bike and off my feet so I don't reinjure myself trying to run huge miles for Boston training. 2. Get some good bike bike base miles in for my early season races (REV3 Quassy OLY and HALF IRON). Battenkill is 64 miles of hilly terrain with 20+ miles of gravel roadways, some ascents of 15-20%! Should be an epic race, plus 5 of my Lamprey teammates are racing and the whole family is going up.
And I got this sweet new device. RECOVERY PUMP I've used them the past 4 nights and WOW. The combination of the Recovery Pump and The Stick has been doing wonders for me. I'll keep you posted as I spend more time with it. One thing I do like is that if forces me to take some down town and relax, read a magazine, look at the laptop, etc. I have taken it up and sat in bed (and fell asleep) with the machine on, which is convenient as well.

I finally ordered a CycleOps Powermeter. I just got the basic model, but I'm really excited to train with it and see the benefits. As of now I don't plan to use it as a race tool, more of a training tool. Powermeters are great because power is a real, measurable number whereas relying on speed, heart rate or a combination of both can really vary depending on temp, weather, road conditions and day to day changes in your body.
Lastly, I'm looking at taking the next step and becoming a coach. I'm starting out with Coachme Triathlon and by the end of the year I plan to obtain a USAT Level 1 certification. I'm excited because I've been interested in coaching for a long time and I enjoy helping others meet their goals.
Oh and how could I forget, next weekend I'll be in sunny Floriday with Lauren! We'll be pacing the 15k and the Half Marathon at the Gasparilla Distance Classic!! Yay!


  1. Looks like a good season lining up. What is the Coachme Triathlon? The link goes to CycloOps.


  2. A few things... first, congrats on getting the 10k running, especially with the ice. You PA people are hardcore! :) 450 finishers is awesome!

    Excited to hear how you like the Tour of Battenkill - and glad to hear that you are back and running. Hope you and Laurie have a great time next weekend.

    And I think it's awesome that you are going to get your coaching certification! You'll be a great coach!

  3. So glad you are all healed! Sounds like you made a good call on race day. Hope you and Lauren have a great time in Florida...I could use some warmth these days too!!

  4. Happy to hear you are feeling better and are recharged. I need some warm weather myself. So cool you are taking the steps toward coaching, you are going to be great!!