Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Fun

This past weekend Lauren was attending a course in Frederick MD. It was the weekend before Joshua's birthday and he's been into cars lately. So I told he and Autumn that I would take them to Grandview Speedway to watch their free to the public open practice. Grandview is a 1/3 mile dirt oval where they race a few different types of cars. It sounded like a great idea when I offered it to them....I pictured a bright, sunny, warm Spring day sitting in the bleachers. Also figured that since it was free if it was too loud or if they were scared we could leave at any time. Well, Spring has forgotten to show up and we were treaty to sunny, windy day with air temps in the mid 30's. They said they still wanted to go (probably just to get out of the house since Mommy was away) so I bundled them (and myself) up, grabbed some blankets and we were off. I figured if we made it 15 minutes it was a success. As we got there and they heard the cars speeding by, Joshua got real excited. I think he forgot about the cold. Once we got into our seats and got covered by our blanket he was staring in amazement! I had spent many many nights there watching racing (I know what you're thinking...and you're right) so it was cool to see him (and Autumn) so into it. I was asking them every 5 minutes if they were cold and all I got was a quick "no". 90 minutes later I got the first "yes". So we grabbed our stuff and I walked them over to watcht he pit area. They loved it! The mission was a success, now they can't wait to go back (good news for daddy)! So on the way home we just so happened to pass "Longacres Dairy". The home of some awesome fresh homemade ice cream. The cold weather wasn't bringing us down, so we pulled in. After enjoying some great Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream the kids couldn't wait to go outside in the cold and play on the tot toys. So they did.....
(Keep in mind, it's about 35 degrees out!)

So we got home and the had a fun day getting warm and playing with their imaginary friends below....
I packed up the car (and the dog) and we headed down to my mom's house. We were spending the night there so I could race the Caesar Rodney Half Marathon on Sunday. The entertainment for the trip was having Walker (our black lab) ride in the passenger seat because it was too cold to ride in the back. Autumn got such a kick out of did the drivers who passed us!

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