Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter & Baseball

A few random upates here:

Autumn wanted to give baseball / tball a shot this year. Lauren and I figured what the heck. So she's had a few games now and she loves it! She's got a pretty good aim and at her last game she hit from the pitches at all of her at bat's (not needing a T).

Baseball is serious business! (Check out the sweet uniforms)
It's been fun. Joshua likes to watch and I actually got involved helping at practice (I didn't play much of ANY baseball when I was younger).

About two weeks ago we got a call from the library "Autumn has won our M&M guessing game". Apparently the last time they were there, Autumn saw the game and decided to guess. Her guess was 120. Lauren said "there's way more than that in there, why don't you add one number to it. So she adds 7 because that's her age and gets 1207. Well apparently there were 1217 or something like that. So lucky us, we get 1200+ M&M's in our Autumn got her picture taken (below) and will be in the library newsletter and she also gets a shirt!!

Wow, how quickly Easter has come and gone. The kids were so excited Easter morning, they were up before 7am (early, especially for Joshua) and couldn't wait to find the eggs the Easter Bunny had hidden in the living room. Here they are in their PJ's showing off some new toys (a Disney gift card for our trip and a new matchbox car).

I made some breakfast and we headed to church, then down to my mom's for some sandwiches and another egg hunt, this time with the cousins. We had a great time..and I even snuck out for a bike ride afterward). The weather was awesome and the kids had a great time playing outside. I love Joshua's outfit in the picture below.

Then we headed over to have dinner at Lauren's sister's house and more fun with more cousins. And of course some more pictures!

This weekend is the Lehigh Valley Half Marathon and I'm in charge of the pace groups. I'll be working the expo tomorrow and then Lauren and I are pacing on Sunday. The weather is shaping up to be incredible and it should be a great race for the 4,000 plus participants.

Other than that, I'm gearing up for my two upcoming big races...the Dirty German 50K on 5/22 and the Quassy Challenge Olympic and Half Iron triathlons....


  1. Josh's tie looks like one I used to have as a young kid. Fantastic weather so far this weekend, have a great race.

  2. Hi Chris! So nice to meet you this past weekend at Quassy!!! FYI: You were the fast Trakker I saw running in the Boston Marathon....sorry I neglected to mention that when we met!!!

    Hope you had an awesome race!!!