Thursday, April 7, 2011

Impending DOOM....

Well, we're headed up to Salem, NY today. Lauren has some family just outside of Salem that happen to live in the heart of the Tour of the Battenkill course. Her cousin's husband is a very talented cyclist who lives for the annual spring classic bike race in his home town. They've graciously offered to put our family up and show me the ropes this weekend. They're a great family, we're excited to make the trip! So this week I've really been wondering how I got myself talked into this bike race. My first official bike race I might add? Nothing like hopping into a field of 150 30+ year old Cat 1-4 cyclists on a gnarly course which includes more than 20 miles of dirt road, right? Throw on top of that....I'm in the middle of training for a marathon, well actually it's 8 days before Boston! Regardless, it'll be a great (albiet painful) race.

Floyd Landis raced last year (photo from Battenkill website)

Looking at the course profile, it doesn't look that bad. BUT, the cummulative effect of the continuously rolling terrain and gravel surfaces will certainly wear the legs down....especially at race pace!

We plan to drive some of the course tomorrow, go for an easy ride, get our numbers and grab a good pasta dinner. Lauren, her cousin Nicole and the kids are going to be out on the course at various places cheering us on so I'm looking forward to a new journey!

Last week I had a scare. Coming off of my biggest training week since my foot injury (and a great race at Caesar Rodney) I hoped to follow up with another big week before I reduced the mileage. I had a great speed workout that Tuesday morning, and two other moderate paced 10+ mile runs on Wed & Thursday, then suddenly developed foot pain in the same area of the stress fracture. I immediately took 3 days off and by Monday I was able to get back at it. I had a great run this morning and I'm at 41 miles in 3 days of running this week. Now it's time for a few days of riding and get into some shorter faster stuff next week before Boston. Goal will be 30 miles or so w/ two workouts, one geared around marathon pace and the other geared around leg speed and form.

On another note, Autumn had her first baseball / tball practice last night. She's got a great coach and a large team of about 12 kids (9 boys, 3 girls). I've never been a baseball fan or been any good at it, so it was fun for me as well to get out there and throw / catch with the kids. Autumn did very well, I'm proud of her. I'm excited to see how she does this year. She's also now bumped up to 45 minute swim lessons and she seems to be really exceling in that. We signed Autumn and Joshua up for a kids tri in May which will be a blast!

Have a great weekend. Looks like Spring is starting to put up a fight now....only a matter of time before we have flowering trees.........


  1. Good luck this weekend! We'll be thinking about you! :)

  2. Man you are crazy doing this before Boston, but I do agree that it sounds like a great race. Good luck and go get them!

  3. Have fun this weekend!! Looks like you are in for a treat!

  4. Have a great race!! Good luck! (oh and you're nuts! in the best way!!)