Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What would you do??

So I'm looking forward to late summer / early fall and I've got two things on my mind. I know I can't do both, so I've got a decision to make.

I've never really trained for a half iron as an "A" race, so part of me would love to see how fast I could go. But then there's the Age Group Nationals in my favorite state (VT). The other consideration (now I've gotta confuse things even more) is that my running is feeling better than it has in a while so possibly a fall marathon, but then there's the cyclocross season.......I digress......

AG Nationals consist of an Olympic distance triathlon and they're held late August in Burlington, VT. Half Iron distance races are hard to come by in the Northeast during the heat of the summer, but come September / October there are a few good choices fairly close to home. Can't go too far into October because I'm a wimp and hate the cold (see how complicated this gets..).

So the Half's I'm considering are:
  1. Rhode Island 70.3 (never done an Mdot race and quite frankly don't care to)
  2. Big George Half Distance Tri on 9/3. Beautiful section of New York, great timing and I'd get in on an inaugural event.
  3. REV3 Cedar Point on 9/11. REV 3, can't go wrong....BUT it's opening weekend of the cross season (and a 7+ hour drive).
  4. Half Full Tri in Elliott, MD on 10/2 Well, great people, great cause and REV3 times it. Smack dab in the middle of cross season, but fairly close to home.
  5. Pocono Mtns 70.3 on 10/2. Very close to home, inaugural event but again...COLD and Mdot.
So there you have it. A lot of choices (and I haven't even thrown any fall marathon choices in there).

What would you do?
Any other suggestions?

Oh and BTW...who's the wise guy that caught me resting up for the HALF at Quassy after I finished the OLY??


  1. Rev3 CP, of course, because the Coverts will be there!!

  2. I vote MD. Oh, were you asking for experienced folks to weigh in?

  3. I'd be very hesitant to recommend RI 70.3. I've done a few races run by the organization that puts it on, and have always had pretty awful experiences. Unless you have some really compelling reason to keep it on the list, I'd drop it and look at the rest of your races on the list instead.