Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Well, summer is for vacations, right? Can't believe it's been a month since I've updated....talk about vacation. I do have a good excuse though, we were on vacation for 11 days, out of touch with the world relaxing in Vermont. A perfect place for a permanent vacation....in the summer at least.

So what have I been up to? Well, since I've last posted I had some great training and racing...including a tri, two running races and a du. While up in Vermont I sought out a nice triathlon in Branbury, VT which was just West of the Green Mountain Forest and Middlebury Gap. I just simply wanted to race and not get all hyped up for the race...plus I didn't have room in the car for any "nonessentials" like my TT bike, TT helmet, etc. Figuring it would be a hilly course, I thought I'd fare well on my road bike...to my surprise!

Water was decent in the mid 60's, and after about 1o minutes of what felt like pretty fast swimming I was out of the water and off on the bike. Turned out it was one of my best swim's ever, 22nd overall out of a field of over 200 (big props to my TYR wetsuit, Lord know's it wasn't because I had been training for the swim!). Out onto the bike and I just could not get going. I had an awful feeling in my stomach that wouldn't let me push too hard. AND the hills never came. I was far enough up front that there wasn't a ton of traffic and after being passed early I made one pass and really rode the race by myself. I wasn't surprised to see I only turned the 22nd fastest bike leg. Off onto the run, an out and back 5K. I slowly started to work the bug out of my stomach and pick people off. As we neared the turn around I could see I was in about 15th overall. 2nd mile split was 5:3x, faster than the first. I made a big push at the end passing three more guys on the way back in running a 5:21 closing mile for 12th overall. Not my best performance, but a promising swim!

The rest of the vacation we spent hanging around the lake, playing w/ the kids and doing the typical tourist stuff...Ben and Jerries, Trappe Family Lodge, Woodstock, etc. We didn't have the best weather, but it was nothing to complain about by any means.

I took a small journey of my own. Did a ride up and over the Rochester Gap, rated as a Cat 2 climb. It was about 6 miles long and averaged near 5%. The view from the top was awesome! Managed to hit a huge pothole on my way back and bend my new Powertap rim though....
On the 4th of July we attended the 35th annual road race in Woodstock. A 7.2 mile loop starting at the Green and finishing at the covered bridge (with a few hefty climbs in between). It was a hot day, but I had a great race finishing 2nd, taking nearly 90sec off my course PR and winning some greens fees to the country club! Nearly everyone in the family garnered AG awards in the form of Vermont Maple Syrup and the family was well represented with Lauren, her Dad, her Sister and cousin's husband. The kids had a fun run of their own around the Green collecting medals and carrying big smiles!

We headed home on July 5 and the kids were lucky enough to stay up there w/ their grandparents, aunt/uncle and cousins. Lauren and I had a few days of peace and quiet at the house...which was a bot eery....

I'll follow up with some more updates and race reports....including my return to the 5k and my first penalty....

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