Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 by the numbers

Being the engineering type, I like to look at I've collected endless data.  So as I wrapped up 2011 I compared the basic numbers to previous years...

YEAR Run Mi Run Time Bike Mi (road) Bike Time (total) TOTAL HRS DELTA
2008         2,643 310:00         1,650 88:00 398:00
2009         1,961 233:09         3,548 233:19 466:28 68:28
2010         1,878 230:16         4,337 257:02 487:18 20:50
2011         1,889 225:53         4,503 289:40 515:33 28:15

Some good data in there.  2008 was the year of many PR's in running, but it was also when I more seriously considered multisport.  Frankly, I do miss the running (not that I don't run now).  The thing with running is that it's easy.  All you need is a pair of shoe's and you're off.  You can travel to neat destinations, I can run with my wife, etc.  Last fall I started to realize that I miss running, so I suspect I may see more running mileage in 2012.  The interesting thing to note about 2011 is that due to injury I could only run 11 months of the year, so considering that it was a decent year.

Anyone notice something?  Yeah, no swimming in there!  Well, there's a reason for that, I don't swim all that much!  I probably swam more distance in races this year that I actually trained.  Sad, but true.  Swimming is tough at this season of life.  Kids in daycare and school, a spouse that works part time and is also a runner, etc.  I fit in what I can, and I don't worry too much about it.  Expect to see me race more duathlons this year, it ain't getting easier to find swim time!  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy triathlons immensely, I just have to do what works for me.

So, some of my personal successes in 2011...
  • Finished my first road race (Tour of the Battenkill), a TOUGH Spring Classic in New York.  64 miles, >4000' climbing, 20mi of dirt roads. It was fun, I will be back.
  • ONE WEEK later I ran the Boston Marathon and despite coming off of a foot injury and racing Battenkill the week before, I ran a decent time at 2:51.
  • I pulled off the Quassy Challenge, the OLY and HALF back to back.  And I won my AG in the OLY to boot!
  • I managed to win both Duathlons that I did overall. (Wilkes Barre, Sunset)
  • I won my age group at the Steelman Triathlon
  • I had a great race at the ING Philly Half Marathon, my second sub 1:15 half
  • I paced Gasparilla Distance Classic, St. Lukes Half Marathon and Wineglass Marathon
  • I had a great fall of running and cyclocross
  • The Superbowl 10k (sold out at 550) and Town Hall Cross (240 registrants) both went off without a hitch.
  • Remained safe and injury free!

Some rough goals for 2012:
  • Have fun at Cross Worlds in Louisville
  • A marathon PR at Boston (gulp) sub 2:47
  • My first 50K (HAT 50K)
  • Podium in my age group at Long Course Duathlon Nationals
  • Expand on my coaching (obtain USATF certificate)
So, Boston training has begun.  I put my plan together below.  Two key components this year are having one rest day per week (at least) and having a down week every fourth week.  I'll expand on this training plan as I progress through it, but I'm excited to get rolling!

I wish everyone a successful, fun and injury free 2012!!

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