Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rev 3's Run Across America for Ulman, Motorola MotoACTV and a new REV3 Venue?

Yesterday REV3's staff put their money where their mouths are.  They started a 21 day journey running across the United States to raise $100,000 for the Ulman Cancer Foundation.

Their Run Across America has a cool real time map and up to date information about their journey RIGHT HERE.  Team REV3 has joined together to support the crew by running virtually with them, logging our daily mileage as we remain in awe of just what REV3 really stands for, much more than a race series.  And speaking of teammates, my teammate Kelly Covert is raffling off three months of coaching services to raise money for Ulman.  Head on over to her site to take advantage of the opportunity.  I'd also ask that you consider supporting REV3's journey through a donation which is quick and easy, just follow the link on the right banner of this site.

Some other cool news, I just received a pretty neat device from Motorola to put through the paces.  It was released last fall and it's called MotoACTV.  It's a GPS fitness device that is also a MP3 player (among many other things) which is pretty revolutionary.  DCRainmaker has done a great in depth review HERE.   I've just scratched the surface of its capabilities but some cool features thus far:

  1. GPS capabilities include many common metrics (pace, HR, distance, auto lap, workouts)
  2. Convenient and crisp illuminated touch screen for easy use
  3. Can be used for just about any activity (running, cycling, skiing, etc)
  4. Sync's through WiFi, automatically downloading your workout information (no more ANT+ stick)
  5. Sync's with your iTunes library
  6. Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible so it can connect with and record things like heart rate, power, cadence sensors, wireless headsets.
  7. Easily installs to your bicycle handlebars (separate adaptor), wrist, arm or clips to your clothing.
  8. Has it's own site to store your workouts, share your workouts, build workouts, challenge other athletes, etc.
As I put it through the paces I'll fill you in on more of the details.  Pretty excited to play with it though!

And lastly, REV3 just made a cool announcement.....another new venue!  This one will be in June of 2013 at Colonial Williamsburg!!!  I've always wanted to take the family there and now I've got the perfect excuse.  Some of the details and the coveted "Early Bird" pricing is up on their site now.

We're back to reality with respect to weather which is fine by me.  Lots to update on my training for Boston and my recent USATF Level 1 coaching certification course.  More to come.....

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