Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Boston Marathon Trip 2012 In Pictures

Before I post a race report from the HOT Boston Marathon I figured I'd share our great weekend with family and friends in photos.  We left on Saturday AM and got back late Monday night.  The warm weather was great for sightseeing and spectating, running, well that was another story!

The kids couldn't wait for the bus to get there!

Our groups's bus rolled into Coopersburg at 9am.  We were the second and final stop.

First stop, the expo to get our numbers

Craig and I breezed through number pickup
Joshua enjoyed a ride, and a better view!
Autumn and Maddy were all smiles with their cool new headbands!
The kids had fun being creative at the Lululemon booth
And they provided some inspiration for Craig and I!
Beautiful shot of the Charles as we headed back to our hotel.  Note the Citgo sign which is at the 25 mile marker of the marathon.
On Sunday we hit the town, first stop was the finish line area, then the aquarium.
Strolling down Boyleston on a beautiful day.
The kids got a tour of the firehouse, and even got to drive the truck!  This was ladder 33 right at the corner of Hereford and Boyleston, the final turn in the marathon.
A cool family shot at the finish line.  Man was this a welcome sign on Monday!
This says it all!
The kids had some fun at the finish line!
Then we headed to the aquarium and an IMAX movie which was a hit!
On marathon day the families made the trek out to mile 18 just before the turn at the Newtown Firehouse and into the Newton Hills.  They were busy making signs for us.
A hot day always deserves some lemonade!!
I snuck up on Lauren, ran by for a quick hello and a boost of energy!
 I'll follow up with some more race details......
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  1. FANTASTIC! The kids' cheering sign is inspiring - "run like you mean it" and "run all day and night!" Loving that smile at mile 18. Looks like quite the adventure!

  2. Looks like you all had fun. Glad that you were able to enjoy the trip and run smart in the heat. Bummer about that, but there's always next year... (Or Vermont.)