Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Giving Thanks

I know, the Thanksgiving holiday has already passed and I'm behind the times, BUT.

Have you ever really thought about the countless things you are (or should be) thankful for?  And not the big things, but how about getting out of bed, seeing the sun rise or set over the horizon.  Having clothes.  Being warm.  Having food.  How about your health?  Your spouse?  Your children?

Thanksgiving has passed, but the meaning of truly giving thanks hit me like an lead brick yesterday.  I've spoken many times about my involvement with the HCM Foundation, how the Foundation helps individuals and families who are dealing with the devastating effects of cancer.  Well, I got word from a friend that a little boy, 2 years old, passed away from cancer yesterday.  Yes, two years old.  Yes, he passed away from cancer.

I went to his care page and started reading the updates and I couldn't fight off the tears.  Could you imagine being thankful during the Thanksgiving holiday while dealing with that?  Well, his family was thankful, thankful for the brief time they had with him, thankful for the many doctors, nurses, friends and family who were part of his treatment and there for him in the tough times, thankful that he was no longer suffering, but rejoicing among the angels in Heaven. 

I struggled with this situation in my mind.  The photos of beautiful smiles on this little boy's face despite the adversity he was dealt.  The faith of a child.  All of the good that can come out of bad times.  God has a plan for us, and he obviously needed this little boy to fill a role that we won't understand until we walk into those Heavenly gates. 

It brought a whole new dimension of Giving Thanks to my mind.  I was thankful that through involvement in HCM, directing races to raise money, giving back to the community and the support of family and friends, HCM was able to reach out and touch this family and make a donation to offset costs of a funeral, something that no mother and father of a two year old could imagine dealing with. 

More than that, I want to take nothing for granted and Give Thanks for everything.  Each breath, the sights and sounds of mother nature, a wonderful wife, two incredible kids, health, food on the table, warm place to sleep.  I did nothing to earn ANY of this, I count it all as a gift, a blessing.

Sorry for the heavy post, it was weighing on my heart.  But I challenge you, how can you count your blessing and have a positive impact in this world?  Foster the faith of a child.  Think of what you can do to make a difference.

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