Monday, December 17, 2012

Worth 1,000 words.. My heart aches for all involved...

I don't think there's been a moment since last Friday that I haven't thought about the unimaginable tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary.  My heart just aches.  I know that God has bigger plans and that those children and teachers are in a much better place right now and that's the only solace at this point.  There's just that pit in my stomach that aches for those innocent victims.

Mark Remy from Runners World posted this photo today and there's not much more to say, it embodies what our nation is going through right now.

God bless everyone involved.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Early planning for 2013

In the current days of races selling out in record times I'm starting to look ahead to my 2013 racing calendar.  Not only does this planning ensure that you get into your goal race, but more importantly it inks your goal races and allows you to plan your training accordingly.  I always work better "under pressure" and with a goal (or goals) in mind.  Think about those races that you'd like to perform your best at, and those that can be used as building blocks or measuring sticks along the way.  It's impossible to hold peak form for the entire season so plan on some form of recovery between you goal races.  It helps your mind, your body and likely your family life!

What am I looking at for next year?  Well, I'm pretty excited to kick the year off with a trip to Denver, CO for a Team REV3 summit in late January!  That's right, I'm psyched to be back for my 4th year with such an incredible team.  After that, here's what I'm looking at for the first half of the year:

  • Directing the already sold out Superbowl 10k on 2/3/13
  • Frostbite 5 miler on 2/16/13
  • Pacing the Gasparilla Distance Classic 2/23 & 2/24
  • Caesar Rodney Half Marathon 3/17/13
  • Delaware Valley Duathlon on 4/6/13
  • Tour of the Battenkill on 4/13 (Sells out, get in early)
  • Boston Marathon on 4/15
  • Rev3 Quassy OLY and HALF 6-1 & 6/2 (Sold out last year, get in early)
  • Rev3 Williamsburg HALF 6/23/13
The plan is to use the races leading up to "B&B" weekend (Battenkill and Boston) as training and evaluation races.  My goal will be to be in top shape for the Delaware Valley Duathlon and carry that into finishing both races the following weekend at respectable levels.  I would then like to carry that through the Quassy Revolution double into a PR for the half distance at Rev3 Williamsburg.  We are planning a big family trip to Disney after that, so that will be my rest period to get ready for the fall.  I may sprinkle in a few bike races and running races and train through them.

In other news, since my cross season never got any traction this year, I've sold my pit bike and I'm looking to replace my old tank of a MTB with a 29er hard tale!  Pretty excited.