Monday, January 28, 2013

Crashing Boulder - Rev3 Summit

I got back LATE last night (thanks Southwest) from my first trip to Boulder, CO.  Actually only my 2nd trip west of the Mississippi River (sad, I know).  What an awesome town, wow.  What an awesome time with the REV3 crew, connecting with old friends and making new ones!

The weekend had a recurring schedule...conference room, eating PowerBars, dinners, drinking, minimal sleep then repeat.  Pretty sure the whole town knew the group of 35+ strong had crashed "the party" in Boulder.  We were treated to some incredible weather (at least for this Northeasterner)!

The whole crew at the Boulderado.
On Friday after lunch we headed over to Pearl Izumi's facility which is just south of Boulder.  We just missed the "mandatory" 12:15 lunch ride.  They were gracious to open up the facility for us, giving us a tour then going over their product lines and new footwear line.  Tim DeBoom, a local to the area and big part of PI's testing and development, stopped in to chat with us as well.  The facility was unique with some great "memorabilia" that only endurance athletes could appreciate. 
Kristin Armstrong's World Champion kit.
 We had a great dinner in Denver on Saturday night and woke up Sunday morning for the best part of the weekend...getting outside, taking advantage of the great weather and exploring some of the incredible recreational assets of Boulder.  I was really impressed with their progressive network of multipurpose trails, bike lanes and recreation paths.  I had plotted a route from Camp Sharpie's to our group run from Chautauqua Park in Southwest Boulder.  It was nearly 8 miles of running on the paths and I only physically crossed two streets, pretty cool.
The Big "R" was in the house! 
Anthony, Dave and I headed to the trailhead.
  We made it to the trailhead and headed out in smaller groups to explore the trails.  Anythony, Tara and I decided we'd do an out and back to avoid getting lost.  Anthony had run there before (he's from Denver) so I was not worried about getting lost.  The weather was beautiful and it reminded me how much fun trail running is.  I need to do more of it.
Something from a magazine...
Something from a magazine Part 2.

We ran for about 45 minutes, grabbed some Power Gel and turned around.  My legs had 12.5 miles in them and I was getting tired!
I could certainly feel the altitude.  We started at about 5500' and turned around at 6500'.  I was really gasping up the climbs.  Maybe the "altitude training" will make me faster back at sea level?  Doubt it!
What a great opportunity.  I'm so glad I made it out.  It was great to interact with the sponsors and learn about their products.  Tri Swim / Tri SlidePearl Izumi, PowerBar, Biotta Beet Juice, Compex, Reynolds Wheels and Quintana Roo. Thanks to Carole for letting a bunch of us crash her place, thanks to my awesome wife for letting me go!  Now I'm excited to do some REV3 races, and volunteer to help out.  REV3 strive to provide a full family experience and I certainly felt like I was with family all weekend!


  1. What a great time!! So true about who would appreciate the decor of the PI offices!! Good to see you!

    1. Great meeting you this weekend! I really enjoyed that run despite sucking wind on those stair climbs! :) Hope to see ya at Knoxville!

  2. So glad everyone had such a fantastic time! Hope to see you in Knox!