Thursday, March 14, 2013

Life & Boston Marathon 2013 training updates

This past weekend we had some incredible weather.  The weekend was kicked off with (a beer or two) and my daughter's first play production.....a 3rd grade play about American Symbols.  She was so excited, we invited most of our family and IMO it was such a cute production.  She says she's "definitely" doing the next play the school has!
The weekend kicked off in style!
So among the weekend plans were a long run, wood splitting, a shorter run, church and a bike ride.  Yeah, I don't like to cram!  But you HAVE to take advantage of good weather, right?

Saturday morning came VERY early, and a little chilly, but I got a good 21 mile run in with the last 7 miles right around marathon pace.  Then it was eat, shower and head out to split some more firewood.  It killed me to spend such a nice day on such a mundane chore, but I sucked it up, put on my sunscreen and went to town. 
My dad and I have been busy!
All in all about 7 hours of "training" for Saturday.  Needless to say, I was sore.  Sunday AM I needed an EASY run, so I headed over to the Rail Trail and used my new Polar GPS / HR watch to keep it light.  I have lost focus of these recovery runs so I need to work on that these weeks leading up to Boston.  Long story short, "mission accomplished" for the weekend, we headed off to church, then I got out for a nice ride with my brother...and promptly SLEPT IN on Monday!

Oh, and for more of an update on my training, check out WEEK 2 of my blog on!

Happy Running! (and riding) (oh, and swimming too) (and yeah, hopefully no snow shoveling!)

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  1. Sounds like your training is coming along well! Putting on sunscreen means that summer is right around the corner :) yay!