Friday, April 12, 2013

A look at my 2013 Boston Marathon "numbers" pre-race.

The title isn't referring to bib numbers as you may expect.  It's no secret that having an engineering brain, I like numbers.  Speaking of bib numbers, this year is the highest bib number (#3230) that I've worn in my 8 previous Boston Marathon starts!  Due to an injury last fall, my qualifying marathon was my "spur of the moment" Mad Marathon in VT which I ran without a watch, or a goal....or really training for it!  I digress.  My previous highest bib number was #2017 (which I had two years in a row, ironically with two different qualifying times!) and my previous lowest bib number was in 2011 when I wore #547.

But this wasn't about those numbers, it was about my training numbers and particularly, ad nausea, how them compare to previous years.  Forgive me please, and remember that it is taper time and my mind needs to keep itself obsessed occupied.  Race day is only just two days away (more numbers, sorry) and the "hay is in the barn" so to speak.  I wrote my final training blog on Tuesday (which was an honor and an excellent experience) and you can find it HERE.  It was also great to return to utilizing my heart rate for training and I'm grateful to Polar for the opportunity to get to use the RC3-GPS.  I'll be wearing it on race day as it has become my "go to" running watch.

Below is a pretty cool tool that I've been using as well (for those of you that like to look at pictures rather than numbers).  It shows your training load based on heart rate, exercise time, pace, etc.  This shows all five weeks that I've worn the watch, the big spikes into the red zone are my long runs and the smaller spikes are daily workouts and the recovery curve is behind them.  You can see the big "slide" last week when I took five days off from running.  I've done a good job over these past two weeks of staying out of the red zone, tapering and letting my body recover.

So, back to the training numbers.  Just how does this year compare to previous years?  Well, first a few facts about this year's training cycle (from January 1, 2013 to present):
  1. I've run 740 miles
  2. My average pace is 7:06 min/mile
  3. I've ridden (outside) 430 miles
  4. I've spent 24 hours on my bike in the basement on the trainer
Going back to 2010, here's how those number compare:

WEEK 2010 2011 2012 2013 Week Ending
1 54 0 57 20 1/6/2013
2 53 0 42 45 1/13/2013
3 59 0 65 54 1/20/2013
4 61 15 65 56 1/27/2013
5 55 32 69 57 2/3/2013
6 65 34 53 53 2/10/2013
7 61 42 71 56 2/17/2013
8 62 47 67 51 2/24/2013
9 60 52 73 61 3/3/2013
10 57 55 70 61 3/10/2013
11 60 50 60 53 3/17/2013
12 70 57 72 63 3/24/2013
13 60 40 61 52 3/31/2013
14 46 41 50 30 4/7/2013
15 30 29 32 31 4/14/2013
TOTAL (MI): 855 494 905 743
BOSTON TIME: 2:47 2:51 3:04 ?
BIKE: (HR) 39 79 14 45
RUN: (HR) 108 59 108 87
TOTAL: 147 138 122 132

Sitting here right now, I don't have the feeling that I'm going to crush the race on Monday, but this chart in encouraging.  I've put in some decent training, on average an hour less per week than I did in my PR year of 2010.  I'm somewhere in the middle of my bike / run averages over the year, not the highest but not the lowest either.  It has helped me stay injury free.  I've also spend less time at real high intensity and focused on "floating" around goal pace.  We'll see how it plays out in just a few days!

And just a couple more numbers for you, the weather is looking great as of now.  It is predicted to be mid 40's at the start and mid 50's at the finish.  I'm not sure where the numbers on the clock will fall on Monday, but I will have no regrets as I cross that finish line!

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