Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Massive

Well, it's been kinda quiet on this blog over the last couple of weeks.  I "took a break" after my streak of three races in four weekends.  Funny thing happened though, on "Day 1" of my break I realized that my REV3 Quassy "Revolution" double header (Olympic on Saturday and Half Distance on Sunday) was coming up REAL QUICK!

So, I joined the "May Massive" challenge on STRAVA and started plugging away on the bike.  The weather has not been kind, but I wasn't letting that get me down.  As of today you can see where I stand in the "red clouded" area below.  About 155 miles of running and 635 miles of riding for the month of May!
Now that's all well and good, but inquiring minds may be wondering about the third discipline of triathlon, the swim.  Well, fear not my friends, after a 9 month hiatus, I managed to get back to the pool!  One swim of a mile in distance last week and another mile swim this week.  Not ideal by any means, BUT!  So my race total swim distance for this weekend will more than double my total training swim distance for the year, do you think I'll be excited to get out of the water, you bet!

One thing that I have noticed with my training is that I really needed to back down and rest after all of the running races I did in a row.  That allowed me to ride more and I feel MUCH stronger now on the bike than where I was just one month ago.  Oddly enough, my running legs also feel refreshed after a month of reduced mileage.

I'm excited for my 4th trip up to Quassy.  My family won't be going, but my REV3 family and teammates will be there.

In other "Massive May" news, and on a REV3 note, REV3 announced their newest race, in my back yard, REV3 Pocono's for 2014!

And thanks to STRAVA for the awesome Boston Marathon 2013 goodies!

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  1. Nice job on all the bike miles! Good luck at Quassy & looking forward to hearing how the double header goes :)