Wednesday, June 5, 2013

REV3 Quassy "The Revolution" Day 1 - Olympic Distance Race Report

This was my third year doing the "Revolution" at Rev3 Quassy.  The Revolution consists of an Olympic distance triathlon on Saturday followed by a half iron distance triathlon on Sunday.  No small task on a "normal" course, but throw in the "hills" of beautiful Connecticut and some temps in the upper 80's for both days and you've got yourself a challenge!

My Rev3 teammate Matt got to my place on Thursday night from Richmond, VA and we headed out on Friday AM after I got the kids off to school.  (The kids were REALLY bummed, they LOVE Quassy because they ride the rides and forget that Daddy's out there on the course!) Traffic was non-existent and we were at the hotel and checked in by noon.  Grabbed a bite and headed to the expo at the Quassy amusement park.  We hopped right in and started helping stuff the registration packets and eventually we were turned into registration volunteers which was a blast, checking athletes in, answering questions and guiding them through the Rev3 experience.  After about 5 hours in the heat, we needed to get ourselves checked in, fed and back to the hotel to get ready for the Olympic race the next day.

Pre race
My wave was set to go off at 7:10.  The forecast was for bright sky's and highs near 90 degrees.  OUCH.  After an early wakeup call, got my transition area set up, sunscreen lathered on and put on some TriSlide to make sure I had no wetsuit chafing and that my wetsuit would slide off with ease!  I got in the water and at 70 degrees, it was PERFECT for a wetsuit.  Got some strokes in and lined up at water's edge.

As usual, I hadn't swam much (read twice in the last 9 months) so I wasn't expecting much, but I swam a great split, my sighting was SPOT ON on the out and back section, the back leg was tough however as the sun glare off the water made it IMPOSSIBLE to see (compounded by the fact that my wonderful children lost my tinted goggles), but I did well us marking myself off of other swimmers legs and bubbles ahead of me.

Out of the water in 26:15, my fastest lake OLY swim yet!  (27/86 in 35-39AG, 165/717 overall)

My transition area was the farthest point possible from the swim, so after a 2:13 transition I was out on the bike.  The sun was out and it was getting warm already.  With >2,100' of climbing on the course my goal was to push the flat / false flat areas and carry my momentum up the hills.  I made sure to hydrate, finishing an entire bottle of PowerBar Perform before entering T2 with a spot on cyclocross dismount.

Into T2 at 1:10:59 averaging nearly 22mph (now up to 4th/86AG and 26/717 overall)

After a smoking 0:38 second T2 I was off on the run course.  Last year in the rain I had a great run here, running 36:xx for the wet, hilly 10K.  This year in the heat I could tell immediately that something wasn't right.  My right heel was killing me (I then remembered that during the swim start I stepped on a large object under the water which immediately knocked me off me feet and into freestyle swim mode), I was sweating like crazy and my HR wasn't settling.  I knew I'd have to take this run easy.  There's a steep hill about 3 miles into the run (as seen on my STRAVA file) which forced me to walk, allowing a few of the runners that I had passed to pass me back.  I gutted out what I could, just trying to hold on for a decent finish.  I was nowhere near where I had been last year on the run, likely from the heat and a lack of recovery from the last 3 weeks of heavy training.

Crossed the line with a 39:44 10k at 2:19:48 for 2nd/86 AG and 18/717 overall

I was so glad to be done, but both disappointed and scared at the same time.  I was disappointed that I had run >3 min slower than last year on the SAME run course and scared of what this same heat may do to me the next day.  I was satisfied in my performance, but I know I had more in me for the run.  Oh well, stuff happens!

I stuck around for the awards, got some great PowerBar products, a really cool matching medal and a gift certificate for the REV3 retail store, really cool!  Matt also placed 2nd in the Aquabike and got some goodies!

From there I gathered my stuff and headed back to the hotel to shower and rest my heel, hoping it would hold up for 13.1 miles of running the next day!

I'll follow up with DAY 2's report in the next day or two, but in other news, Joshua graduated from Kindergarten today!  So proud of him, where has time gone?


  1. Congrats on the race & on the PR swim! Wish I could not train on the swim and get a PR, haha ;) Also, impressive avg on a very challenging bike course! Way to go!

  2. Very impressive Chris, nice job. I agree with Tara, I'd love to be able to PR on a swim with no training..You are a rockstar

  3. Great Race Report! I was a great race. Glad you showed me the ropes around Quassy.

  4. Great job out there Chris!! Great to see you, thank for stopping by the retail area so I could say hi!!