Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rev3 Williamburg weekend getaway and half distance race report

After a "fun" drive in the Subaru Outback (which thanks to I-95 traffic took us 2.5 hours longer than it should have) we arrived at our condo at Colonial Crossings in Williamsburg.  The kids were excited to check the place out and stretch their legs before we headed down to the race expo to pick up my packet and have dinner with the Rev3 team and staff.
This was a great place to stay, the best part....the pool! (according to Autumn and Joshua)
After dinner we headed down to New Town for the Glow Run.  Mind you, it had been a bright, sunny drive down and just as we enter Williamsburg it turns cloudy and drizzly!  We weren't about to let it damper our night.  We got dressed up for the Glow Run, chatted with some friends and lined up.  We did the 1 miler as a family and it was a BLAST seeing all the people lit up, dressed up and acting silly.  After the race, REV3 had the jumbotron set up and played Monsters Inc, so we put down our blanket and enjoyed the night.  I snuck away and helped the crew break down and clean up the finish area and then took in the rest of the movie.  It was a late night, but a lot of fun.  New Town is a really cool area, a combo of retail, residential and professional all mixed together.

Ready for the Glow Run!
Saturday AM I got up bright and early and headed down to the Jamestown Beach area adjacent to the Jamestown Settlement.  REV3 hosted a warm up swim at the race site so our team gathered and spread some TriSlide and Foggle love, lubing up swimmers as they put their wetsuits on.  The water was a toasty 76 degrees, so I swam without a wetsuit, but figured I would use one on race day.
Always time for a silly team shot!
The rest of the day Saturday was uneventful.  We headed into Colonial Williamsburg and hit the Farmers Market and then checked out some of the historical stuff.  It was a hot day and the kids were melting, but there was plenty to do.  We headed back to the hotel so the kids could swim, then back to Jamestown / T1 to rack my bike then we went to New Town  to grab a great dinner.

My awesome teammate Matt was gracious enough to pick me up bright and early on Sunday AM so the family could sleep in.  I stepped outside to a steady rain which was not forecast, and did stick around until about 6:30 or so.  We set up T2 and found a friend of Matt's who took us down to the start.  With the rain, the sun was tucked behind the clouds which was a bonus, because it was HOT and HUMID already.  The water temp was 77.5 and I debated not wearing my wetsuit, but once I saw the pro's start.....and swim about 50 years off course due to the current I knew I did the right thing.

I was hoping to set a Half Distance PR being that the course was much flatter than my "normal" half distance race, Quassy.  I knew the heat and humidity would make it tough.  I got in the water and once it was deep enough for the pack to swim I could sense that it was going to be a tough day.  The water is brackish and thanks to the Super Moon and a night of rain upstream, the river had some noticeable current and some rough surf.  The first leg was tough, but once I turned the first buoy I did a great job of sighting and managed to swim what I think was the shortest distance possible.  Someone was kind enough to park a big white boat behind the next red turn buoy so it was SO MUCH easier to spot.  I rounded the corner and headed home.  No sun glare on this day, thankfully. 

 I got out of the water and had no idea what time I had swam.  It felt long, that was for sure.  The run to T1 was long, so I stripped my suit and ran with it.  I think it was a smart move.
Out of the water in 43:27, 109/573 overall and by some miracle in the top 20% of all swim times!

After a 3:21 transition, I was out on the road.  My legs didn't feel "fresh", but I wasn't working too hard. Goal was to just let the legs come to me and see what I had.  I wasn't pushing too hard and averaging 23mph+, so I went with it.  I was steadily passing people for the whole bike split, only passed by one or two riders the whole time which felt good.  The bike course was beautiful and the roads dried up as we went...although the sky looked threatening the whole time.  The wind did kick up about 25 miles into the race which I think made the effort feel made you feel cooler than you were....which I think would play a part for me later in the race.
 I drank nearly three bottles of fluid (PowerBar perform and the course fluid which was Gatorade Endurance) and ate an energy bar.  As I approached transition my stomach wasn't feeling too good.

Off the bike in a record best for me, 2:28:37 / 22.7mph avg and the 29th fastest bike split of the day.  Happy to be in the top 5%.  And now up to 12th in my AG.

I got through transition in 65 seconds and I was "off" on the run. The run was a two loop double out / back course through the William & Mary campus which I liked because I could see the family multiple times.  Starting the run my stomach was hurting, I couldn't take any gel or fluid out of fear of getting more sick.  Running wise though, I was feeling decent, clicking off 6:30's to 6:40s for the first 6 miles.  BUT THEN the sun broke through the clouds and just like Quassy, my core temp and HR just shot through the roof, forcing me to walk.  I struggled through the last 6 miles, not able to eat anything, but I managed to get some fluids in me.
I was hoping I could hold on for that PR, but that wasn't happening.  I was frustrated that this was the third race that the heat had crippled me, upset that I was making my family wait for me in the hot sun and wondering what I could have done different.  Before the melt down half way through the race I had passed my way up to 9th in my AG.
About 12 miles in I came through the finish / transition area and saw Lauren and the kids, they were excited to be able to run down the finish chute with me the next time they saw me.  After that last out and back I made the turn and they joined me.  This run down the finish chute made the whole race worth while.  Finish times, splits and personal records just melt away and you can't do anything but smile watching the kids floating down the finish chute among cheers from the spectators and encouragement from the emcee.

Check out Autumn's Daddy like Daughter!

We cross the line, as a family, in 4:58:17.  I was so glad to be done, and able to get out of that dreaded sun which had cooked me for the last 6 miles.  My run split was a dismal 1:41, easily 15 minutes slower than planned, but that didn't matter and honestly it still doesn't.  I ended up 12th in my AG, certainly respectable, but there's a little something inside me that's itching for a "do over"...

We had a great time at this inaugural race.  It was a fun time being with our Rev3 family of teammates and staff members and we can't wait to go back next year.


  1. Way to gut it out Chris. It is pretty amazing at what we can make are bodies. It might not of been a PR but definitely a mental win. Good job Chris

  2. So sorry to hear about the sun, yet again! Stink

    However, I enjoyed your sentence of "Finish times, splits and personal records just melt away and you can't do anything but smile watching the kids floating down the finish chute". That is really what it is all about, isn't it?! Creating a legacy of health and happiness together as a family. Loved the smiles on the kids' face and yes, Autumns form is stellar. She has a good coach.

    You'll get your 'do over' I'm certain about that.

    Rock on!