Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking back before going forward.....

Well, no better time than the last day of the year to look back on 2013 and see how I did on my "2013 Goals" set last year in this very blog.

I'll follow up with my "By the Numbers" and "The GOOD and The BAD" post in the coming days...

This sums up 2012 from last year's post: "So, not the best but not the worst either.  I learned a lot about myself last year, definitely one of the tougher years for me.  I'm using that to be smarter and more efficient now." 
And here's my goals from last year and how I made out meeting them.  It's always great to have goals, it gives you a sense of direction, sense of purpose.  It's not good to get too wrapped up in them though, they are just a guide, a rutter to steer you along.
Goals for next year (2013):
  • Get some damn momentum going!  Well, I think this mission was generally accomplished.  Coming off of 2012 my body was a train wreck from too many marathons.  While Boston wasn't my best time, I ran very well considering what I started with and what I put into it.  I ended up running really well in the late spring (and this Fall). 
  • Tackle B&B in the same weekend (Tour of the Battenkill 4/13 and Boston Marathon 4/15)  This one didn't happen, but as part of my goal below, this was destined to be a square peg in a round whole, and I let it go.
  • Actually train for the swimming portion of the triathlon!  Unless you count my two times at the pool the week leading up to Quassy, this one was a fail! What can I say, I can ride and bike out of my front door.  I have to DRIVE to a pool!  Maybe I need an endless pool?
  • Do some duathlons. This one was Mission Accomplished, although "some" doesn't quantify, I managed to get two of them in and secure a great USAT ranking.
  • Race my MTB once or twice. This one didn't happen (not by lack of effort).  But on the positive note, I did plenty of off road riding on my CX bike and had a successful 2013 cyclocross campaign!
  • Pick up a running client or two to coach.  Another Mission Accomplished.  At the peak of the season I had 4 people I was helping out.  A few of them have taken the winter off but plan to pick up again soon.  It was extremely rewarding to see my athletes excel mentally and physically.
  • Recognize the square peg and embrace it, continue to skip rides or runs to go watch the kids practice softball or soccer, because that is what really matters.  Mission Accomplished.  For the most part, if my training wasn't done by 7:30 or 8:00am, it didn't happen.  Rest of the day was family time.
  • Hit a few more REV3 races. While I'll be racing more REV3 events in 2014, I got to race Quassy OLY, Quassy HALF and Williamsburg HALF.  Williamsburg was a GREAT family vacation.
  • A running PR at one distance. Probably one of my best running races EVER, I ran a 55:48 at the Broad Street Run and finished 2nd in the highly competitive 35-39 age group.  This was coming off of the Boston Marathon, a 1:17 half marathon six days later and a big ride the day before.  I followed that up with a near PR at a 5k in September.
  • Continue to give back to the community through directing races.  Another big Mission Accomplished here.  The Superbowl 10k sold out again in 2013, we had 300 runners at the second annual Saucon Rail Trail 10k and we had record attendance at Town Hall Cross with nearly 500 pre-registered riders!  All combined these races generated >$10,000 for the HCM Foundation.
  • Stay healthy and keep on smiling.   I'll let you decide...see the pics below!

Happy New Year, have a great 2014!

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