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Do you have any pacing, race directing or coaching questions?  Let me put my experience in your corner.

Pacing is an extremely rewarding experience for the pacer as well as the group members.  I've paced over twenty events ranging from 5K to marathon distance.  I've organized and directed pace groups for local events for the past four years.   If you have any pacing questions, you'd like an individual pacer for a particular race or you'd like to add pace groups to your event please contact me.

Race Directing:
I've successfully directed several large (500+ entrants) 10K running races and cyclocross events (150-250 registrants) throughout the Lehigh Valley.  I've also been involved in expo and pacing planning and execution for 5 years.  I have experience before planning boards, obtaining permits and securing sponsors.  Feel free to contact me if you have any aspirations of putting on your own event.

Running / Cycling Coaching:
I have been running for nearly 15 years and I've enjoyed personal success at many distances of running, multisport and cyclocross.  I am a Level 1 USA Track and Field Certified coach who can bring a wealth of knowledge, personal experience and encouragement to help you succeed as you strive to surpass your goals.  Feel free to contact me to get started today!

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